EDG Ray: “If we make it to the Group Stage, I’d like to face TL and C9.”

EDG’s top laner, Ray seemed eager to face his former NA teammates.  

On the 4th (KST), the LPL's EDG secured first place in the 2018 Worlds Play-Ins with 3 wins and 1 loss. On this weekend, EDG will compete against DetonatioN FM in the Play-In Knockouts for a spot in the Worlds Group Stage.

Among the top laners performing in the Play-Ins, EDG Ray displayed solid performance throughout this week. In our short interview with Ray, he seemed to be highly determined to advance to the Worlds Group Stage. He also shared his thoughts on why he wanted to face C9 and TL in the Groups.

The following is the interview with EDG Ray.

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Today, EDG lost against Infinity. Did you feel pressured by it?

Ray: I didn’t anticipate us losing so it was a bit pressuring for us. I think everyone was surprised.


You’ve been playing in NA and in China throughout your pro career. Can you state the difference between the two regions?

When I played in the States, I lived a really healthy life. However, after moving to China, I kind of hit a wall. I think I felt mentally more comfortable in the States because I wasn’t a starter at then. Although I’ve been living a comfortable life in China, I became physically out of shape.


Do you still keep in touch with the C9 players?

I used to use Twitter, but after moving to China, I don’t do it that much. The C9 players and  I are quite busy doing our best to advance to the Group Stage so it’s hard to keep in touch.


Who do you want to face in your future 2018 Worlds matchups?

I don’t really care about who or which team I’ll be facing. Since we’ve lost once, we need to win every single game from now on. In the Group Stage, I’d prefer to go against TL and C9. Well, Impact is someone I really like since he taught me how to play games; he’s like a teacher for me. Since C9 is my former team, I’d like to go against them and show how much I’ve improved compared to the past.


Do you feel any pressure going against C9?

I don’t feel pressured. My experience in C9 was really fun so I feel more excited to go against them. I’ll probably have a similar playstyle compared to Impact since I’ve learned a lot from him. I’m not quite sure how Impact would think but I’m pretty sure that the matchup will be very interesting.

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