G2 Wunder: "Like Perkz said, winning Team Liquid and knocking them out would be nice; it means the hope for NA is gone. (laughs)"

On October 4th (KST), G2 defeated SuperMassive in the Play-In tiebreaker match and proceeded to the knockouts on 1st place. On this weekend, G2 will compete for a spot in the Worlds Group Stage against Infinity in the Play-In Knockout Stage.

After the tiebreaker match, we met up with G2’s top laner, Wunder. He shared some of his thoughts on today’s performance and his following matchup against Infinity eSports.

The following is the interview with G2 Wunder.

Can you rate your personal performance for today?

Wunder: I think my personal performance was better than day 1. Also, as a team, we were more confident and comfortable on stage today. I clearly knew what I had to do and we didn’t feel a lot of pressure and stress. Overall, the team including myself played better.


The Urgot-Aatrox matchup can be seen a lot in the current meta these days. As a matter of fact, on the first game against G2 today, you played Urgot against Aatrox. Which champion do you prefer to use for the Urgot-Aatrox matchup?

I prefer to play Aatrox. Compared to Urgot, he has better gank support and it’s really easy to swipe lane with him since I think he’s safer to play in other lanes. Also, against Urgot, Aatrox can use his mobility to trade damage in lane phase. Personally, I like to play Aatrox in late games because I can make more aggressive plays on him.  


What was the focus for the tiebreaker match against SuperMassive?

On day 1, we had a poor draft against SuperMassive and our performance using our composition was wrong; we knew that our performance was sloppy on our day 1 games. Going into the tiebreaker, I think our individual performance improved and succeeded to go ahead in most of our lanes. We didn’t really outplay them as a team, but we outplayed them using our individual mechanics. After having every lane pushed aggressively, the rest of the game was quite easy for us.


On the Play-In knockouts, G2 will face Infinity eSports, a team that defeated EDG today. Are you confident about going against them?

We did scrim against Infinity and performed really well. I’d like to say we’re currently pretty confident going against them. I also think we have an advantage since we didn’t fully reveal our strategies in the Play-Ins yet. Infinity is a strong team that defeated EDG. But, EDG used a risky composition and maybe they might have been a bit overconfident. Although I respect Infinity as a team, they’re weaker compared to SuperMassive.


Right before this interview, Perkz stated in a press interview that he wanted to go into Group C and defeat the first-place seed team for NA, Team Liquid.

I think going into any possible group would be okay for us.  Last time when I was in Worlds, I went against TSM-RNG-Samsung in the group stage. Comparing to my previous Worlds experience, going into either group would be fine. Well, for sure, competing against Team Liquid in Group C would be really fun. Like he [Perkz] said, winning the best NA team and knocking them out would be nice; it means the hope for NA is gone. (laughs)  


Any last words for your fans?

I feel grateful for our fans since they still gave us a lot of supportive messages after day 1 when we underperformed. I hope they continue to support us and in reply, we will try to deliver our best performance. I’m looking forward to making it to the Group Stage; I want to make EU proud.

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