EDG Scout: "To be honest, the player who I really wanted to meet was Faker...Out of all the teams remaining, there are no strong mid laners."

EDG has finished their first day of Play-Ins with a 2-0 score.

On the 2nd at the LoL Park 2018 World Championships Play-Ins, EDG has placed 1st in their league by defeating Dire Wolves and Infinity Esports. After the games, we interviewed EDG’s mid laner, Scout. Scout claimed that making it out of Play-Ins would be a given and gave confidence for entry to the group stage.

Below are the interview responses from EDG Scout.

¤ You have scrimmed against the Play-Ins teams. Out of these teams, which team would you rate the highest?

Out of all the teams that I have scrimmed against so far, most of the teams have been similar in skill/difficulty.

¤ If EDG is able to get out of Play-Ins, you will be placed in Group A or C. Which Group do you preferably want to be placed in?

Since both are fairly similar, I don’t necessarily have a preference. However, I do think that I need to improve and play better. Because Group A has Flash Wolves and Group C has kt plus TL, both groups are similar to me.

¤ You are highly rated for your strong laning phase. Do you personally have pride for being a strong laner?

Because I know I should be good at laning, I always prioritize practicing laning. Despite this, since strong laning is not that important in the current meta, I am not able to take full advantage of my strong suit.

¤ Is there any player at Worlds that you specifically want to face up against and beat in lane?

To be honest, the player who I really wanted to meet was Faker. But, Faker could not come. Out of all the teams remaining, there are no strong mid laners. If there was, it would have to be Xiaohu from the LPL.

¤ Did you not have a lot of opportunities to play against Faker when you guys were on the same team?

I have never had the opportunity to meet him in a tournament.

¤ What is your goal for Worlds?

Of course, my goal is to win it all.

¤ If winning is your goal, which team is most likely to stop EDG from doing so?

I believe it would be kt Rolster, Gen.G, or any LPL teams. If I had to pick just one team, I would have to choose kt. kt won the LCK, and I also heard that they are extremely good. I really want to win against kt.

¤ I heard you met Ray (former C9 top laner)? Did Ray tell you any stories from NA?

Ray did tell me a lot of stories from NA. Ray really talks a lot. Since we tend to share a room when we grab a hotel room, I heard several stories from him.

¤ Do you ever intend to play in the NA region?

I don’t think I will ever be a player in NA. However, I do want to go to NA, not as a player, to learn English.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to particularly say?

The Chinese fans have installed fan signs in the subway. At first, I laughed. Coming to the stage, I truly realized how crazy supportive the fans are. I want to sincerely thank all the fans who support us.

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