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[LCK Finals Media Day] kt Rolster ZanDarc and Griffin cvMax Give A Sneak Peak At Their Ambitions For The Finals.


On the 4th at the Gangnam Parnas Tower in the Riot Games Auditorium, the 2018 League of Legends LCK Summer Split finals media day was held. On the finals stage, kt Rolster’s head coach, ZanDarc, and Griffin’s head coach, cvMax, both announced that they will win the LCK final.

First grabbing the mic, Griffin’s head coach, xcMax said, "Before, I confidently said in an interview that we will make it to finals. However, my confidence was slightly lowered in the 2nd round. I even thought that it wouldn’t be strange for us to not make it to the finals. Since we did make it this far, we will try our utmost to play the matches with a winning mindset.”

In response, kt Rolster’s head coach, ZanDarc, commented, "In several finals, I have always played the supporting role. This time around, I will try my best to be the fixpoint for the finals." AnimalDax, one of the coaches for kt, also said, "This is our second final. We, unfortunately, placed 2nd last year. Unlike the kt before, we have had almost 2 years to improve on our synergy. Because all of our players have reached the peak of talent, as long as they are not careless, I believe we can easily win."

× The LCK finals will be held at 1:00 AM PST (5:00 PM KST).

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