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[LoL Asian Games] China Takes the Gold, Defeating Korea 3-1... Chinese Taipei Finishes 3rd


August 29th, 2018, China defeated Korea at the Finals of the 2018 Asian Games League of Legends esports demonstrative event with a score of 3-1, winning the gold medal. By funneling resources into the bot lane, China won through Uzi's growth. Despite Korea's desperate attempt to create an opening for a comeback, they fell in game 4, netting the Silver. 

As for the 3rd place match, Chinese Taipei won against Saudi Arabia with a score of 3-1. In game 1 of the series, Saudi Arabia won through their top lane Olaf and bot lane Syndra. But for the rest of the series, Chinese Taipei protected their pride as a major region, finishing the tournament in 3rd place. 

In the 1st set of the Finals, China had a strong start. By consistently applying pressure on Faker's Ryze, China began the series with the first kill. Although Kiin was able to secure both a kill and the first turret for Korea in the top lane, Letme made the judgment to leave his lane to aid his team in teamfights. In late game teamfights, China's bot duo was able to chain their CC in every important moment, allowing Uzi's Varus to safely and reliably DPS.

Korea won the 2nd set. Korea took the early lead by killing off China's mid laner, Xiye, multiple times. Although China had the advantage in the bot lane, the outcome of the game was decided by a single teamfight. With Score's Kindred as the pivot, Korea played around China's aggression. After securing both the dragon and Baron, Korea marched down the top lane to destroy China's Nexus. 

In the 3rd set, China once again focused their resources onto the bot lane. From the beginning, the enemy team constantly had Ruler's Varus as the main target. With the aid of his jungler and even his top laner, Uzi secured multiple kills. With Xayah fed and strong, China took game 3, leading the series 2-1.

In the 4th and final set, Korea fought hard with Faker's Orianna as the core of the team. However, in every Baron timing, Korea had their members caught out. With their Baron buff, China pushed in all three lanes and aggressively looked for fights. After destroying Korea's inhibitors one by one, China won the final teamfight of the tournament to take the first gold of the Asian Games League of Legends esports back home. 

■ Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games League of Legends Demonstrative Event Day 3

FINALS: Korea 1 vs. 3 China 
SET 1:Korea(L) vs. China(W)
SET 2: Korea(W) vs. China(L)
SET 3: Korea(L) vs. China(W)
SET 4: Korea(L) vs. China(W)

3RD PLACE MATCH: Chinese Taipei 3 vs. 1 Saudi Arabia
SET 1: Chinese Taipei(L) vs. Saudi Arabia(W)
SET 2: Chiense Taipei(W) vs. Saudi Arabia(L)
SET 3: Chiense Taipei(W) vs. Saudi Arabia(L)
SET 4: Chiense Taipei(W) vs. Saudi Arabia(L)

■ Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games League of Legends Demonstrative Event Rankings

1ST China (Gold)
2ND Korea (Silver)
3RD Chinese Taipei (Bronze)
4TH Saudi Arabia


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