RNG Xiaohu: "Karsa listens to me really well, so when I play with him, I feel like we're sharing one body."

RNG has many star players. Whilst wielding China's best AD Carry player, Uzi, as its main weapon, RNG also boasts two junglers who represents China and Taiwan, MLXG and Karsa. Is that why the midlaner of the team, Xiaohu, doesn't garner as much attention, despite his smart, macro plays? 

Both coaches Kezman and Heart, pointed to Xiaohu when asked who they believed the smartest player on RNG is. Even in times where his team struggles, Xiaohu remains level-headed, playing reliably for his team. He's a player that adapts to any situation that comes his way.

How would Xiaohu react when he hears what his coaches think of him? Before RNG stepped foot on stage for their game, we happened upon an opportunity to speak with him. 

Head coach Kezman praised you, saying that you were the team's smartest player. What do you think about this?

I aim to make plays that others cannot. I think the coach said that because I find comfortable and effective ways to make those plays.

The plays that I'm talking about aren't mechanics-based plays that everyone can do. I'm talking about team macro plays that happen during the laning phase and mid-to-late game. 

You said you enjoy making team-based macro plays. Which midlaner do you think is similar to your playstyle?

Out of all the top LPL teams, there isn't a midlaner that shares my playstyle. Over in the LCK, however, I think Kuro and Fly have a similar playstyle to mine.

The midlaner's synergy with his jungler is immensely important. How is your teamwork with Karsa and MLXG? In addition, can you tell us the strengths and weaknesses of both players?

Recently, I've been practicing a lot with Karsa, that's why I believe we have good teamwork. As for MLXG, he often acts independently, and I sometimes can't follow up as a result. 

Karsa listens to me really well, so when I play with him, I feel like we're sharing one body. 

Many Chinese fans have set high expectations for RNG. Your remaining goal is to win the World Championship. How's the preparation?

Honestly speaking, if we head to Worlds now, we'll barely reach the quarterfinals. We'll have to measure how we perform -- before Worlds -- during boot camp in Korea, to make any predictions.

If RNG qualifies for Worlds, which team do you want to face there?

I want to face Griffin. Although they are a new team, we played a lot of scrims with them. We haven't played with them in a professional tournament before, so I want to meet them atop a stage.

Is there a western team that you want to play against?

I'm not good with the NA teams' names. (Laughs) I want to face teams with a strong midlaner. For NA, TSM's Bjergsen, and for EU, G2's Perkz. 

Any last words for the fans?

I'm always thankful for all the fans that cheer for us. We'll do our best to meet the expectations at Worlds. 

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