GRF Chovy on the LCK Summer Finals: "This time, I'll be the one to punish Ucal."

By defeating Afreeca Freecs in the LCK Summer Playoffs Round 2, Griffin will advance to the Summer Finals to face KT Rolster. 

Coming in like a meteor, the "rookie" team, Griffin, qualified for the LCK Summer Finals despite their lack of experience on stage. Today's interview will be on Chovy, the said team's midlaner. He shared his feelings regarding his team's recent success, and he had a personal message for KT's midlaner, Ucal. 

Congratulations on your victory! Although it was you and your team's very first split, you've reached the Finals. How do you feel?

There were many crises. I'm glad that we were able to overcome all of them.

It was your very first time playing a BO5 match here in the LCK. How was the experience?

It was tiring both physically and mentally. I'm also quite hungry. (Laughs)

After the end of the regular season, it had been a while since you played. How did you prepare for today's match?

During team practice, we focused on developing a stronger team synergy. During personal practice, I focused on the basics, such as 1 on 1's and situational plays. 

Your team and Afreeca Freecs played a full set of 5 games. Out of the five, which game stuck with you the most?

Game 4, where I played Galio. Since Galio's skills are mostly AoE, it was really fun hitting multiple champions. Also, there's something about Galio that makes you feel safe and reliable. He has a high minimum and a high maximum. There's a lot of things you can do with Galio. Even when he charges in, he rarely dies. 

Can you explain why you had built AP items on Galio?

Galio has high AP ratios. In addition, his W's damage reduction scales with AP. I feel that it is much more efficient to build AP on Galio. 

Griffin won through your Orianna plays. What are the pros and cons of having an Orianna as your midlaner?

Orianna is a champion that crumbles when played poorly, but she's also a champion that can completely crush her opponent if played perfectly. In the right hands, I think she's the best champion. 

When landing that 4-man Shockwave in the final teamfight of game 5, how did your teammates react?

The team atmosphere was bad when the Baron was stolen... but when I landed that Shockwave, everyone started making aggressive calls and plays. 

It's easy to hula-hoop as an Orianna... Could you please give the fans some tips on how to more easily land Shockwaves? 

Landing your Q on the enemy first will almost always guarantee a successful Shockwave. Even if you don't land your Q, if you keep your eye on the ball and calculate the Shockwave range correctly, you can land it -- but this is only if you have a lot of experience on the champion. 

Simply put, you have to be good at keeping your distance and correctly calculating the range of your skills.  

You'll now face KT Rolster at the LCK Finals. Looking at past games, your team has a bad record against them. How confident are you?

This time, our team will more thoroughly prepare. I'm confident.

Is there anything you want to say to Ucal, the midlaner you'll be facing in the Finals?

He killed me during the regular season. This time, I'll be the one to punish him. (Laughs)

Anything you want to say regarding the Finals and Worlds qualification?

We'll prepare well for KT, win, then qualify for Worlds.

We'll prepare so well that we'll win, no matter what. 

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