AFs TusiN: "I'm close with all the players on Kingzone, but today's match was very important; so I took it seriously and deleted all KZ members from my LoL friendslist."

AFs TusiN asserted that he'll "continue this streak and win the LCK Summer Playoffs."

On the 15th, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, the Round 1 of the 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs took place. Against Kingzone DragonX, Afreeca Freecs won with a score of 3-1. AFs will now proceed to the Round 2 of the Playoffs to face Griffin. Throughout today's series, TusiN created the perfect teamfighting opportunities for his team with Alistar and Rakan, heavily contributing to his team's success. 

The following is an interview with Afreeca's support player, TusiN.

How do you feel having won against Kingzone DragonX today?

I wasn't expecting such an outcome today. I'm really happy that we won.

You guys lost 7 consecutive games against Kingzone before today. Weren't you intimidated at all?

I didn't pay attention to the past results. Today, we played comfortably with the mindset that "we'll play burden-free. If we lose, we'll simply go on a vacation." I think that really helped. 

There are rumors that you deleted all the members of Kingzone DragonX from your friendslist on the League of Legends client. 

I'm close with all the players on Kingzone, but today's match was very important; so I took it seriously and deleted all KZ members from my friendslist.

You really stood out today. Out of 100, how would you score yourself for today's performance?

Personally, I believe that I made a lot of mistakes. I'll give myself a 40. 

What was the main cause of today's victory? 

We simply played today like how we did in the past. I believe that Kingzone didn't play like themselves today. Although I think they did a good job during picks and bans, they weren't able to take advantage of their composition's strength. 

You'll face Griffin next. What's your opinion on Griffin's bot lane?

Griffin has the tendency to give their support the priority pick. If we keep that in mind during the match day, I'm not too worried. 

In game 3, you guys lost despite having had a large lead in the early-to-mid game. What kind of feedback did you receive?

We were told to 'only recall when we have a control ward available.'

You guys qualified for the Summer Playoffs as the 5th placed team in the regular season. How do you think your remaining matches will go?

I believe that Griffin has a similar playstyle to that of our team's. We don't let go of our leads and continue to snowball off of it. Therefore, I believe that the team who takes the early lead will win. The team to make the first mistake will lose.

You're currently running short on time. How will you prepare for the match against Griffin?

We're short on time. In addition, in game 1, Griffin has the right of choice to pick which side [red/blue] they want to play. But I still think that it's definitely doable.

Kramer and Aiming are sharing time on stage. What are the two players' strengths and weaknesses?

Kramer does well all on his own. As for Aiming, I have to care for him. 

Any last words?

We're taking down team after team. It feels great. We'll do our best to continue this momentum. 

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