KT Score on Winning Trophies: "I’ll perform well in the Asian Games since it is an important tournament. I’d like to get 3 trophies this year."

On the 9th of August (KST), kt Rolster defeated MVP 2:0. kt dominated both games. They proved their laning and teamfight abilities throughout the series; kt was on the clear upper side. Although they were even in W/L and game score with Griffin, kt was the one to be on 1st place since they won both games against Griffin in the regular split.

After the match, kt Rolster was interviewed by OGN.

Isn’t this is a dream come true?

Smeb: Today was tough, but I’m so happy. Everyone was mentally having a really hard time. Although we were nervous, we didn’t let it out. Well, we managed to pull it off.

In game 1, you delivered solid plays on your Jarvan. Was this prepared?  

Smeb: When you play Jarvan, you need to be sure before engaging in order to win fights. That’s why I spent quite a lot of time thinking about when to get in.

Smeb is being praised. Some say that Smeb is in his heyday.

Smeb: Frankly speaking, my original style and the style I learned in kt is different. I think now I adjusted to the kt style and made it mine.


Finally, you might win the title! How do you feel?

Score: This is my first time advancing directly [to the playoffs finals]. Wow… This feels so good.

Well, is kt going on a vacation?

Score: If we lost today, we won’t have time to go on a vacation since we’d have to be prepared for the playoffs. Won’t we get a vacation since we won?

Aren’t you pressured Ucal?

Ucal: I don’t have any thoughts other than just performing in the finals; I want to perform real quick. Also, I do want some rest.

How does it feel to make a great achievement as a kt member?

Deft: After we lost against Hanwha Life Esports right after the Rift Rivals, we said that “if we lose another match, we might not make it to the playoffs”. But, we managed to advance to 1st place.


I heard that Mata will be performing in the same stadium three times on three of his finals.

Mata: That place is jinxed. (laughs) In that place, I lost against SKT twice in the finals. This time SKT won’t be there, so I’ll win the title.

When Smeb moved to kt, he said that he came to kt to win the title. Now that you’re this close to winning the title, how does it feel?

Smeb: I did think like that, but the process was so difficult. (laughs) Still, it was fun and finally, I’ve got the chance to be the champions.


Your coach cried in the booth. Did the players cry?

Ucal: Everyone was so happy but suddenly I felt sad [after seeing him cry]. It was rather surprising to see my coach cry but it was a tear of joy, so I’m fine with that.

Smeb: Our coach is really emotional… I think he remembered the obstacles we had to overcome. He tries to be a man in practice, but I think he couldn’t hold back his tears this time.

Can you say something for the team?

Smeb: The players who performed today had a tough time, but our coaching staff had to withstand the most. I’d like to give them a sincere ‘thank you’; I’ll pay you guys back by winning the trophy.

You’ll have to participate in the Asian Games. Who knows? You might get two trophies in a row.

Score: I’ll perform well at the Asian Games since it is an important tournament. I’d like to get 3 trophies this year [including Worlds].

Now the team has a high chance of qualifying for the Worlds. Are you confident on not being pressured Ucal?

Ucal: It was my dream, so I just feel happy about it. I’ll let Score become the champion.

Any last remarks?

Deft: When I had a hard time, the head coach really helped me out and that’s how I recovered. I’d like to say thank you.

Mata: We reached the finals because our coach and head coach put in a lot of effort. Our front and the fans’ support was a big motivator for us too. This time, we’ll claim the trophy.

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