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KZ GorillA on Khan's Health: "He’ll have to take care of himself. When I see him, I feel that at least I should be the one to take care of him; I felt really sorry."


On the 9th of August (KST), Kingzone DragonX defeated SKT T1 2:0. The Spring split champions showed no mercy against SKT. After winning game 1, Kingzone delivered exceptional performance in game 2; they killed Orianna 6 times before the 15-minute mark. Not only they won most of the fights, but they also managed to secure every Rift objectives. It was clearly one of the most one-sided games for the Summer split.

After the match, Kingzone DragonX was interviewed by OGN.

How was the match?

Khan: I thought that I wouldn’t feel like winning if we defeated them 2:1. I was determined to win 2:0 and I’m happy. Well, about my MVP prize… I decided to buy my teammates something to eat.

Peanut seems like he never heard that before. What do you think Khan should buy?

Peanut: Well, if Khan’s buying, I’m just going to trust that he’ll buy us something good. I’ll be waiting.

Kingzone showed their strengths starting from lane phase. Do you think the team is in a good condition?

Peanut: Not only me but also every laner gained advantage using their mechanics. That’s why the game was easy. I think we do have a shot in the finals if we can deliver the same performance [like we did in today’s match]. I’d like to say that we are in a good condition.

Bdd’s Zoe was remarkable. How did you manage to solo-kill Orianna?

Bdd: The situation differs on Orianna’s skills. I think I was lucky today.

Khan: I saw his plays after the match and I wasn’t that surprised since that was the usual Bdd’s plays in scrims. It was normal.   

Today, the opponent stole the Elder Drake. Did you notice that?

Peanut: I noticed after the mark showed up on my monitor. I was a bit nervous since I did get stolen quite a lot these days. Once I get it stolen, it can become a trauma for me, so I’ll be careful from now on.

Bdd: Peanut is always good. I’ll never doubt his performance.

Now, I think PraY is the master of Ashe. You’ve used her in the LCK 100 times and your win rate on her is quite high. How do you think about the Ashe-Tahm Kench composition?

PraY: She is a good champion. Well, she is one of my personal favorites.

GorillA: Whenever PraY uses her ultimate, it always lands on the opponent. Once PraY uses the ultimate,  I used Tahm Kench’s ultimate. Once I get there, the opponent is already stunned. That’s how we gained a lot of kills.


At the end of the split, Kingzone managed to recover their performance; the other teams must feel pressured. However, the final standings are not decided yet. Do you feel nervous?

Khan: Our standings will be decided once the second match results come out. I have no choice but to pray while watching the game. (laughs)


There were a lot of patches during the split. Does the team like those patches?

Bdd: Eventually, a meta that we like did appear and I feel happy.


Now PraY will have to go back to his traditional ADCs. Will you be happier?

PraY: Well, I was a player that used traditional ADCs…(laughs) People really hated when I used non-ADC champions in bottom lane.

Now the team must prepare for the playoffs by taking care of the player’s conditions. Especially, the team might have concerns for Khan. What are your thoughts on Khan’s condition?

GorillA: Well, eventually he’ll have to take care of himself. When I see Khan, I feel that at least I should be the one to take care of him; I felt really sorry. I thought that I should take care of myself first, and then try to take care of my teammates.

Now the team is on a high percentage of advancing to the Worlds. Can you say something for the fans who came to watch the last match for the regular split?

Peanut: Although I’m not that sure about what the fans would think, we’re actually quite satisfied towards our Summer results. Already 8 months have passed for this year. Since we have to be ready to perform well for the Worlds, I’ll be doing my best.


Khan. You seem to have a boost in self-confidence these days; you seemed to post a lot of personal pictures on your social media account.  

Khan: Oh that… My social media account was hacked. Please, everyone, be careful. Beyond all that, I’ll try my best to deliver good performance in my future matches. Thank you!


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