Griffin Viper: "We’re trying to think about when we first joined the LCK since we think our identity is the most important aspect."

On the 4th of August (KST), Griffin (GRF) defeated SK Telecom T1 (SKT) 2:0. Although SKT had the early-game advantage in both games, Griffin delivered exceptional performance in teamfights.

After the match, GRF Viper and Tarzan were interviewed by OGN.

How’s your current state?

Viper: It is good to receive MVP awards a lot. However, Tarzan could have received it as well. I think my MVP points contribute to the team.


Tarzan, does he talk about MVP awards like this in the gaming house as well?

Tarzan: When we are at our house, we don’t really talk about MVP points.


Your Trundle hasn’t lost a single match. Can you share a small tip when playing Trundle?

Tarzan: In teamfights, you should use your ultimate on the enemy tank champion.


Do you think that Kai’Sa is a good pick these days?

Viper: Yeah. Although she was nerfed, there were some changes to items, so you can evolve her skills quite early. That’s why the Stormrazor build is becoming a thing these days.


Do you prefer the non-ADC meta or the traditional ADC meta?

Viper: To be frank, playing with traditional ADCs are more comfortable. When you use non-ADCs in bottom lane, you have to keep on snowballing in order to win.


As a teammate, aren’t you surprised when ADCs move right into the enemy territory?

Tarzan: Well, I thought it wasn’t that bad [going into the enemy territory]. That’s why we didn’t say anything about [Viper’s Kai’Sa] engaging.


The team didn’t start off well in both games 1 and 2.

Viper: Trundle was killed rather too easily when he was killed by Ornn’s ultimate; I thought that Kindred would hit his power spikes. I think we had some problems on our team calls.


People rate Tarzan as one of the best performing jungler. When he gets killed like that, does he suffer a mental breakdown?

Viper: He doesn’t seem bothered during the game. Um… When the team loses even if he performed well, he starts to blame the pick & bans. (laughs)


You can blame like that because you’re very close with your head coach right?

Tarzan: Yeah, I’m really close to him. (laughs)


[When the team used Ryze’s ultimate to go for a surprise Baron] What were the team calls at this point?

Viper: We said to each other, “If the opponent is near bottom, let’s go for a surprise Baron.” However, the opponent Tahm Kench had Smite. I thought they stole it, but we managed to slay it.


Chovy performed very well in this series. Do you have any compliments?

Viper: The Orianna vs. Ryze matchup is tough. But, he seemed to be confident and he played well. Although there were some difficult situations in mid lane, he still pulled it off.


Weren’t you pressured by Orianna, who gained 5 kills?

Tarzan: She did become really strong. However, I thought that my E skill [Trundle] can make kill situations.


Although there were some ups and downs, Griffin did pull it off. Now that it’s a really important time for the team, are there any preparations?

Viper: Now that it’s almost the end of the split, we’re trying our best to win every remaining match. We’re trying to think about when we first joined the LCK since we think our identity is the most important aspect.

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