AFs Kuro's Tip on Vel'Koz: "If an enemy champion is hit by your ‘Q’, just use your ultimate right away. Don’t hold onto it."

On the 1st of August, at the Seoul Sangam e-Stadium, the 37th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split' took place. On the second series of the day, Afreeca Freecs defeated SKT T1 with a score of 2-1. With this victory, AFs placed themselves 5th in the LCK standings. In today's series, both Kiin and Kuro displayed a consistent, high level of play and led their team to victory.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the match, Kiin and Kuro, were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

How do you feel?

Kuro: We were making poor results in the most recent couple of games… but I feel great that everything worked out today, and that I have won the MVP title.

Is there anything that the coach ordered you to do before the match began?

Kiin: In game 1, I was supposed to pressure the enemy laner. It was unfortunate that I died, instead. If I didn’t die when I had, the game wouldn’t have gone in the way that it did.

The enemy team constantly focused on toplane. Was it difficult playing against that?

Kiin: Since the enemy team constantly came top, it affected me mentally. However, my teammates watched over me, and I was able to hold out.

Kuro, one of your strengths is that you have a very large champion pool. You really stood out today.

Kuro: I have always had a curse -- if I sleep well, I play well. Today, I slept for 10 hours, and I think that’s why I performed at my best. Although we had a team meeting until midnight yesterday, I fell asleep right after it; and we played today’s second series, so it really worked out.

Your performance on Yasuo in game 2 led the team to victory. Are you satisfied with your performance?

Kuro: It was a bit regretful. Whenever I had Flash, I could’ve done more… but an opportunity rarely came.

You’re up there with Ucal and Chovy in regards to being a great Yasuo player.

Kuro: Ucal’s Yasuo game was when he was playing against us. It’ll be great to play against him again.

Your heart must’ve sunk when SKT stole your Baron.

Kiin: We had a quite number of Barons stolen today. There were many sighs… It was quite a difficult match.

How was it playing with Mowgli?

Kuro: There was quite a bit of sighing, but I was scaling at a good pace. (Laughs) We kept assuring each other that it’ll be fine in the late game.

The enemy team swapped Jayce into the midlane. How was the Jayce-Vel’Koz lane matchup?

Kuro: I was a bit worried, as Jayce has a very strong laning phase. I was a bit scared, but fortunately, it went well.

In game 3, you did a fantastic job of keeping your distance against SKT, while at the same time, dealing a ton of poke damage.

Kuro: The enemy team tried to kill me despite having no Flash available. I saw that as disrespect and poured everything I had on them.

Any tips for playing Vel’Koz?

Kuro: If an enemy champion is hit by your ‘Q’, just use your ultimate right away. Don’t hold onto it.

Many people are still debating the ‘ADC vs. non-ADC’ botlane. Recently, it looked like you guys were leaning more towards playing the traditional ADC composition. What’s easier to play with for Afreeca?

Kiin: I prefer having an ADC, but my team attempts to try many different things.

Kuro: I also prefer having an ADC, but non-ADC compositions are good for our team as well depending on the situation.

Any final words?

Kiin: Today’s match was very important. I’m glad that we won. We’ll do our best in our next match as well.

Is there anything you want to say to the other teams in the LCK?

Kuro: Had we lost today, we might’ve lost our chance to make playoffs. I’m really glad that we won. I really want us to continue and win all of our matches, win playoffs, and make Worlds. I’ll do my best. Thank you

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