KZ Bdd on Aurelion Sol: "I used him a lot in solo queue in the past. I think he’s quite okay against Zoe."

On the 1st of August (KST), Kingzone DragonX defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2:1. Although Hanwha managed to show-off some of their aggressive playstyles, Kingzone Bdd stood up and acted as a leader for the team. In games 2 and 3, he played Zoe and Aurelion Sol; Bdd delivered remarkable performance on both games and led the team to victory.  

After the match, Kingzone DragonX Bdd was interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.


What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

Bdd: I am a bit frustrated about winning 2:1, but it was an important match and I feel happy that we’ve won.


The match was highly competitive. How was it?

Bdd: I think I found some positive things since we did play well as a team. I’ll do my best on the next match also.

The standings for the top teams changes quite a lot. Do you feel any pressure?

Bdd: I do feel pressure, but I don’t think about it when I’m in the game.

You must have been rather frustrated after game 1.

Bdd: There were a lot of mistakes in game 1. I believed that we can deliver better performance compared to the opponent and said: “let’s not make mistakes from now on.”


How was game 2? Do you remember any plays?

Bdd: I remember when I poked on Ezreal near the Elder Drake. Everyone played well in teamfights near the Elder. I think we got good results since we planned it well in the beginning.


Who planned the fight?

Bdd: Mostly Peanut was the one to plan.


In game 2, your Zoe managed to pressure the opponent Galio pretty aggressively and killed him near the Raptor camp. What were the team calls at that point?

Bdd: I don’t really remember. (laughs) I expected Trundle to come, but Galio came, so that’s how I was able to kill him.


In early game 3, you moved to top lane pretty quickly. Were there any specific calls?

Bdd: I was able to move to top and secure a kill since I earned some time after I pushing my lane.


You used Aurelion Sol against Zoe. Why?

Bdd: I used him a lot in solo queue in the past. I think he’s quite okay against Zoe.


You evaded Zoe’s E skill and managed to land your Q often. Is this a “Bdd specialty”?  

Bdd: I was able to evade the opponent skills and land my skills since I was confident.


Now the team will face bbq Olivers and SKT. There is a chance of going directly to the playoff finals.

Bdd: Well, it’s going to be hard to advance to first place by ourselves. I hope other teams will perform well. We’ll try our best to advance to first place.


Can you say something for the fans?

Bdd: The fans have been rooting for us at times when we were underperforming. I’ll try to deliver good performance in my future schedules as well.

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