[LCK] Griffin Sword: "Everyone on the team trusted Viper's Teemo pick."

On the 28th, Griffin, with a clean victory, scored 11 wins and 4 losses. Up against MVP, Griffin won the first game thanks for Tarzan’s performance. The second game featured Teemo. By redeeming himself from the two consecutives losses Sword made with Gnar, Sword played well and safe.

Below are Sword’s responses.

¤ How do you feel about winning and retaining 1st place?

It seems that we can only really secure 1st place by winning all of our games. I am extremely happy that we won today, and I will try my best to keep up this win streak for upcoming games.

¤ ADD had returned. Were you wary at all?

I was not particularly wary. I thought about how MVP had previously implemented a lot of unique team comps. However, those comps could have been executed regardless of ADD. In particular, Tarzan was always the type of player to pay attention to an opponent’s unique team compositions.

¤ In the first game, you were ahead. However in the later parts of the game, MVP caught up a bit. What do you think would have happened if the game was replayed?

Simply put, there was a disaster in the top lane. When Gnar is up against Kennen, if the balance is shifted, Kennen easily takes the lead. Because of this, I was too greedy trying to achieve this. It made the game longer than it should have.

¤ How do you constantly keep a good atmosphere?

We have a lot of trust in each other. Even if we pull out a new champion, no one thinks negatively of it. Of course, this is the reason why Teemo was picked. Our team constantly has a good atmosphere through open mindedness.

¤ Teemo appeared in the bot lane. How did you prepare for this?

While credit to our coach was well, Viper first thought of the idea when he wanted to see the counters for Marksman champions. He then wanted to try playing Teemo. We all trusted in Viper’s judgement.

¤ Every Time you have faced against kt this split, you have lost. Why is kt your weakness?

I do not necessarily think that we are weak against kt. It is a problem with our plays and team comps. It is just unfortunate that we couldn’t make the plays that we usually make.

¤ Griffin is on their way to the finals. What kind of conversation are you and your teammates having?

Because we are able to go to finals as first place if we win all our remaining games, everyone is practicing very hard. Despite this, since other teams are still formittable, I am definitely not letting my guard down.

¤ Out of the remaining games, is there a team that worries you?

All of them do. Since each team has their own distinct goals, I expect the games will not be easy.

¤ During this split, which top laner gave you the biggest impression?

In the mechanical aspect, it would definitely be Khan. The players that seem the most experienced would be Kiin and Smeb. While Smeb is always very experienced, Kiin seems quite experienced compared to time performing. It is incredible. Apart from this, Crazy’s laning phase is strong. Because all the top laners have their unique strengths, I’m trying my best to learn from them.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to particularly say?

Although we did show a shaky performance during the game 2’s early game, we will try our best to win the remainder of our games and place 1st for the finals. Also, I want to thank everyone for always supporting and watching us.


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