SKT Bang: "Using ADCs makes your macro game much better such as objective control or destroying turrets. If you can manage to maintain the advantage, the game becomes easier."

On the 27th of July (KST), SK Telecom T1 (SKT) defeated Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) 2:0.

SKT had the advantage throughout game 1. However, JAG managed to sustain; soon their bottom laner Teddy’s Xayah hit her power spikes. Although the game seemed to last longer than expected, SKT won by securing the Baron and Elder Dragon multiple times.

Unlike the 40-minute long game 1, the second game ended rather quickly. With Pirean dominating the mid lane matchup, Blank managed to freely help his laners. As a result, SKT gained a 7000 gold advantage on the 15-minute mark; the game was clearly one-sided. SKT soon widened the gold difference to 17,000 and destroyed JAG’s Nexus.

After the match, Pirean and Bang were interviewed by OGN.

Q. How would you rate your performance for today?

Pirean: I did get a lot of help on game 2. However, I think I played well in game 1.


Q. Blank’s performance was remarkable on game 2. Who do you think is more important? Is it the dealers or the players who make and call for team plays?

Bang: I think that a pro’s perspective and a normal LoL user’s perspective can be different. You know what? Effort was the one who made those ganks. As a matter of fact, he was the one who planned and that’s how Blank made his gank routes.


Q. Okay, then how much MVP points would you give to Effort, Blank and yourself?

Bang: I would give myself 20. I’d give 40 points each to the others.


Q. Pirean. Aren’t you going to give points to Thal?

Pirean: Well, I’d like to give myself 80 points. (laughs)


Q. Do you think and plan beforehand on joining the team?

Pirean: I have Teleport. That’s why I check the map believing that I can join the team whenever I want..


Q. You seem to know how to focus and aggressively dominate lane-phase as well. Well, do you think you are better on laning or roaming?

Pirean: Generally, I think I’m better on roaming, but I try to play differently based on the situation.

Q. On game 2, you dealt exceptional damage with your Ezreal.

Bang: I felt pressure since I did make a lot of mistakes in game 1. After the feedback, I became stable.


Q. Blank was good on ganks and counter ganks. Was it because you aggressively pushed through mid lane?

Pirean: All I told him was,  “I can push through mid in early-game”. Blank simply read the situation well and made good ganks.


Q. You could have lost game 1; it became really close. Did you feel pressured?

Bang: We had gained a lot of points in our upper lanes, so I thought that we were able to snowball the game as long as we can gain vision near mid lane and poke. However, I was pressured since Rakan-Xayah composition has the advantage in bottom lane fights.


Q. What are your thoughts on using traditional ADC champions?

Bang: Using ADCs makes your macro game much better such as objective control or destroying turrets. If you can manage to maintain the advantage, the game becomes easier.


Q. SKT is doing very well these days. Still, you have to face Gen.G, Afreeca, Griffin, and Kingzone.

Bang: Whoever we meet, I think the chances of us winning will be 50:50. I will believe that we still have the chance to qualify for the playoffs by winning any team possible; I’m going to to the best until it’s over.


Q. Pirean is gaining reputation day by day. Can you explain yourself

Pirean: Although I am able to perform on stage these days, I’ll still think that the beginning for me is yet to come. I’m going to do my best in the future as well.

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