GEN Ruler on Ambition: "Now that he’s reached 1,000 kills, I hope that he’ll give away his kills to me."

On the 26th (KST), the first and third place teams Griffin and Gen.G Esports went against each other in the LCK Summer split Day 32. Although Gen.G defeated Griffin 2:0, the two teams delivered one of the most competitive series for the fans. Among the participating players, Gen.G Ruler’s was especially remarkable. Once again using traditional ADC champions, he managed to successfully carry out the team’s main dealer role. Even though he seemed rather tired after the fierce series, Ruler still managed to share some details with us on his victory.

The following is the interview with Ruler.

Q. It was such a competitive series; both games 1 and 2 seemed extremely fierce. What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

Although we won 2:0, we made a lot of mistakes. That’s why I am a bit frustrated. Well, beyond all that, I feel very happy that we’ve won.


Q. Your Ashe was brilliant in game 1. There are some other players that use Ashe quite often, but they don’t use her as much as you do. Why do you use her so often?

The reason I use Ashe is that she’s strong in laning phase. Also, she’s good in teamfights. Probably other teams don’t use her because they simply don’t use ADC champions [in the bottom lane] that much these days.


Q. In game 1, the team won a beautiful teamfight behind the Baron pit. What did you and your teammates say after winning the fight?

We were yelling to each other about who to kill; I was a bit scatterbrained at the time from yelling.


Q. You and Ambition were the only two players left to defend your Nexus in game 2. What did you say to each other at that time?

Before that, I thought that I had Teleport, so I tried to backdoor. But I didn’t and stayed in the well for about 10 seconds. Then I told him “I don’t have Teleport, so let’s try to defend it.”


Q. Griffin Chovy’s Orianna attempted a backdoor at the last second. Did you predict this?

I did think that they’d go for a backdoor, but I didn’t know that they would use that route. I panicked so much and yelled,“We have to kill him quickly!”


Q. The team managed to kill Orianna and defend the Nexus.

I was thinking, ‘what a relief’. I think I accidently used curse words as well. (laughs)


Q. You are known to use traditional ADCs. However, you don’t seem to be using Kai’Sa that much. Do you have any reason for not using her?

Basically, I started to think of Kai’Sa as a bad pick once all the ADCs were nerfed. Currently, I believe that she is a good champion that can be used in any situation.


Q. Which ADC champion do you personally want to use that does not appear in this meta?

I want to say “Kai’Sa”, but she’s currently being used quite a lot… I’d go with Vayne. I personally like her; it would be nice to use her in an official match.


Q. Finally, Samsung’s 2017 Worlds champion skins have been updated in a recent patch. How do you feel? As a matter of fact, you shared your thoughts in a video clip on your awful signature.

Frankly speaking, I thought, ‘is it that good?’ since people were so hyped about it. I hope that people will buy it a lot and… Well, I’ll have to practice more on my signature.


Q. Ambition reached 1,000 kills today. How about a word of congratulations for him?

Now that he’s reached 1,000 kills, I hope that he’ll give away his kills to me.


Q. Can you say something to all the ‘traditional ADC’ users that are having such a hard time these days?

Currently, I think that traditional ADC champions are better. So, I hope that a lot of people use traditional ADCs more and win. Thank you for supporting me.

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