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GEN Ambition on Reaching His 1,000th LCK Kill: "I'm really happy that I made a record in which people will talk about in time to come."



On the 26th, at the Sangam OGN e-Stadium, the 32nd day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split' took place. On the 2nd series of the day, Gen.G Esports beat Griffin with a score of 2-0. With this victory, they moved ever so closer to Griffin in the LCK standings. In addition, GEN Ambition achieved the feat of securing his 1,000th kill in the LCK. 

The following is an interview with GEN Ambition.

How does it feel having won against Griffin?

I reached my 1,000th kill today and won the match at the same time. It was a very meaningful victory. I'm extremely happy. 

Both games 1 and 2, were close games. A lot of amazing teamfights took place all throughout the series. 

When thinking about the team, Griffin, a lot of things come to mind. We made sure to keep that in mind when playing, and I think that's why we were able to come out on top today. However, Griffin played even better than we had expected today. 

With this victory, Gen.G Esports now have the same amount of wins and losses as Griffin. It's definitely possible for you guys to aim to secure your spot in the Summer Playoffs Finals. 

We will have no trouble in playing against the remaining teams that we have to face this regular season. However, we won't lower our guard, and we'll do our best to secure our spot in the Finals.

In the LCK, you were the 7th player to hit his 1,000th kill. 

It's really amazing. I'm really happy that I made a record in which people will talk about in time to come. 

During the final moment of game 2, no one was certain about who was going to come out on top. 

When the game ended, everyone just laughed in amazement. (Laughs) We initially thought that there was no possible path for Orianna to make it to our Nexus... my heart dropped when she did.

Gen.G is making good results in the LCK by adamantly playing only the traditional ADC compositions. Does a jungler's playstyle change depending on if his or her team has a non-ADC or an ADC botlane?

With a non-ADC botlane, the way you analyze the situation before teamfights occur is different. Personally speaking, I'm more fond of the playstyle of protecting my carries, so I feel more comfortable with an ADC composition. 

How did it feel when the 2017 World Champions skins were released?

I'm personally satisfied with them. Jarvan doesn't fit very well in the current meta, but since he received a buff, I really want to try and play him on stage. 

Any last words?

I want to thank my wife, as well as the fans. 


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