KT Deft: "For the first time in my career, I was demoted to the Master tier... My coach still had faith in me, and we were able to win today. I want to thank him."

On the 21st of July, KT Rolster defeated Griffin with a score of 2-1. In the two games that KT had won, both Ucal and Deft displayed exceptional performance. In game 1, Ucal had used Ryze's ultimate perfectly to secure game-winning objectives. In game 3, Deft remained deathless on Ezreal and constantly pushed back GRF with his Mystic Shot. 

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the match, Deft and Ucal, were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

How do you feel taking that victory?

Deft: In games 1 and 3, I was able to play ADC champions that I’m confident with. I was able to fully focus on my gameplay.

Ucal: Had I received the MVP title for game 3, I would’ve been the player with the highest amount of MVP points in the LCK. It’s a shame that Deft took that away from me.

The fight in the midlane between Ucal and Chovy was one of the highlights of today’s series.

Ucal: I’m confident that I won’t lose to anyone in lane. It doesn’t matter who shows up.

Your plays on Ryze garnered a lot of attention. Your team drafted him pretty early in the picks and bans phase.

Ucal: We were able to pick him due to my experience on Ryze. I had received a lot of beatdowns when playing Ryze during practice.

Did the coaches’ analysis of the meta change?

Deft: Our coach and head coach are a huge help to us during picks and bans.

Let’s talk about the Baron steal that happened in-game. How was the team atmosphere when you guys had Baron stolen?

Ucal: The team actually became a lot calmer when it happened. It feels like we started performing better.

Score seemed to have been saying a lot of things when the steal happened.

Ucal: He kept saying, “It’s okay, we still have the lead.”

Deft: Our composition was so good that I thought, “as long as we don’t collapse, we can win.”

Can you tell us in detail about the team composition that you guys had drafted?

Deft: Our composition had a lot of range. In addition, the champions that we had employed were hard-to-kill for GRF’s composition.

How do you feel that you guys had won a very difficult matchup?

Ucal: I had promised my fans that I’ll win all of my remaining games. I’ll do my best to keep that promise.

Deft: Before today’s match -- for the first time in my career -- I was demoted to the Master tier. I was trying out a lot of different champions, and in turn, I had lost a lot of confidence. However, my coach still had faith in me, and we were able to win today. I want to thank him.

Ucal: I will have Score win an LCK title -- along with the Worlds title.

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    level 1 Rovaniemi

    kt is my favorite team along with a certain eu team. I really hope one of you wins worlds. best of luck to you. 加油加油 롤드컵 가즈아!! 케이티 화이팅

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