KT Score on His 'Bite' Steal: "I was confident about stealing the Baron since I always thought that the stealing side has the advantage."

On July 19th, SKT T1 (SKT) defeated kt Rolster (KT) 2:0. The match was competitive. With SKT securing the first game, it seemed like they were close to ending the series in game 2. However, KT managed to steal the Baron and came from behind to make the series even. It all went to game 3. KT started off with a first blood in mid. Right after the mid gank, their bottom duo made a kill in bot which soon led to destroying the top first turret. Eventually, they gained an advantage in every lane. With a series of mid ganks, KT pushed through SKT’s mid 2nd tier turret. They soon slew the Baron and closed down the game.

After the match, Score and Smeb were interviewed by OGN.

Q. What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

Score: If it’s about Baron… I think the ones who are trying to steal it is on the advantage. I’m happy that I managed to steal it.

Smeb: Everyone was so surprised. I was very happy as well. The team said, “Wow, Score?!” (laughs)


Q. Were you confident of winning the last teamfight in game 2?

Score: I thought that it was a very dangerous moment, but Malzahar used his silence skill very well.

Smeb: Mata and I still had our ult, so I thought that we had the chance to fight back.


Q. Kingen started for KT today. How was it to be on the bench today?

Smeb: I didn’t know, but it was almost my first time that I wasn’t in the starting lineup. So, I was resting and watching the game. However, watching the game was even more pressuring. Kingen was performing really well, so I thought that we’d win but unfortunately we lost.


Q. Let’s see your Baron steal. “I don’t use Smite, I bite!”

Score: I was confident about stealing the Baron since I always thought that the stealing side has the advantage.

Q. You succeeded series of mid ganks and killed Faker which didn’t seem like an easy thing to do.

Score: It was 'Yasuo vs Vladimir', so I thought that it would be good to just get his Flash. Fortunately, things went well and we managed to kill him. 

Q. You said in your previous interview that the team sometimes suddenly collapses and lose. What are your thoughts on this?

Smeb: I was watching game 1 and felt really sad. The game just suddenly ended.  

Q. You charged into the opponent’s well. What was the reason for it?

Smeb: I accidentally stepped on Deft and jumped twice. I really didn’t mean it.

Q. The pick & bans were really interesting. What kind of champion composition do you prefer?

Score: I personally like aggressive early-game compositions.  

Q. Any last remarks on today’s victory?

Smeb: Revenge always feels good but our future matchups are pretty tough. I’m really happy that we won SKT, which was one of those tough matchups, and I’m now confident that we’ll deliver good performance on our next match.

Score: We lost against Hanwha Life Esports on the last game of round 1. That’s why we’re trying our best. I’m going to work even harder and deliver better performance.

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