GRF Viper: "Lucian isn't that hypercarry champion; he shouldn't get all the CS. It would have been much better if Vladimir took all the CS."

On the 19th of July, Griffin (GRF) defeated Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) 2:0. GRF went with their signature early-game champion composition. With aggressive picks in their side, GRF’s focus was to snowball early in both games 1 and 2. They succeeded to do this in each game and proved once more that they have the capabilities of being on top of the LCK standings.

After the match, Lehends and Viper were interviewed by OGN.

Q. You were good on Morgana today. How would you rate your Morgana?

Lehends: I think I played okay. Morgana isn’t that fancy champion. Some say that I can’t play well on other champions except Shen, but I’m good with other champions as well. I mostly use Shen and Morgana because they work well with my team.


Q. On game 2, there was a kill in bottom lane. You also received the MVP.

Viper: I didn’t know that I’d receive it [MVP]. I think I got it because I mad a kill in lane phase.


Q. Who do you think was the MVP?

Lehends: I thought it would have been Tarzan, but Viper received it.


Q. On game 1, there was an exception skirmish in late-game. Was that fight planned beforehand?

: Sometimes we plan, but sometimes we just can’t anticipate fights. We share a lot of feedback regarding skirmishes and it probably showed on today’s game.


Q. What are your thoughts on Lucian?

Viper: I think Lucian isn't that hypercarry champion; he shouldn't get all the CS. It would have been much better if Vladimir took all the CS. I learned a lot by playing as mid on the kt Rolster match.  I think that experience will help in my future matches.

Lehends: Bottom lane is about unity, so I’d like to say that I have the same thoughts as him.


Q. The team picked a lot of high win-rate champions in game 2. Does this help the team’s confidence?

Lehends: Well, I always think that as long as we don’t make mistakes, we can win every match. I think that our game 2 pick&bans were really good.


Q. What are your thoughts on your head coach? 

Viper: I think he isn’t just an ordinary human being. (laughs) We always say that, including us and our coaches, all 7 of us are united. That’s our goal as a team.

Lehends: He likes to joke, but on the other hand, he’s really strict at times as well. I’ve never seen this kind of person in my life; he’s a very interesting person.


Q. Any last words for the fans?

Lehends: I’d like to thank the fans. We do make mistakes, but we’ll improve game by game and deliver better performance.

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