AFs Kiin: "A lot of people around the world say I have a very stable laning phase. I think so, too."

Afreeca Freecs took down the No.1 LCK team, Griffin, with a perfect score of 2-0! With this victory, AFs put an end to their losing streak. After the series, we met up with Afreeca's toplaner Kiin to hear from him about his triumph. 

You defated Griffin with a score of 2-0. How do you feel?

Previously, our team was on a losing streak. I'm glad that we put a stop to it. I want our team to win the next match as well. 

Griffin's recent performance has been nothing short of stellar, and in Round 1, you lost to them 0-2. Were you expecting to win today?

Our team atmosphere has been bad lately, so we went in the booth today with the mindset to play the basics at an acceptable level. I'm glad that we won. 

What effort did Afreeca make to put an end to their losing streak?

Our coach and head coach said things like, "Let's start over from the beginning," and "We're performing poorly compared to the past." We began practicing like we used to. 

In both games of the series, Griffin used a gold funneling strategy that revolves around Lucian. 

In a gold funneling composition, one champion takes all the resources of another. As a result, one champion scales fast, and the other one doesn't. If you properly mark the champion that is being funneled to, there's nothing to be afraid of. 

In game 2, Kindred's ultimate timing was very impressive. Were you expecting death before Spirit made that clutch ultimate?

I was way too deep in the enemy lines... In a way, I actually threw at that moment, but I believe Spirit covering for me there won us the game. It's from there where we really started to snowball. I was really glad. 

How good are you with the newly reworked Aatrox?

The new Aatrox isn't a hard champion to play. Anyone can play him to his full potential. 

You've gained a lot of attention from fans worldwide. Can you tell your fans overseas exactly "what kind of a toplaner you are?"

A lot of people say I have a very stable laning phase. I think so, too. 

How does it feel being one of Korea's Asian Games representatives?

I hope I can live up to that name... (Laughs)

According to a source, I heard that you have a lot of power within your team.

I don't think that's the case. (Laughs) 

Then who has the most power?

Probably Kuro? It's because he's the team captain.

Your next opponent is bbq Olivers. 

We put an end to our losing streak. We'll do our best to maintain this momentum and win our next match as well. Thank you.

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