SKT Faker: "Our lives depend on each and every game that we play. We’ll win our next match, no matter what it takes…"

On the 17th, during the 2nd series of the 2018 LCK Summer Split, SKT T1 defeated MVP with a score of 2-1.

After dropping game 1, SKT looked to be in a lot of trouble, unable to shake free from MVP's aggressive team composition. However, starting game 2, SKT started employing Galio in the midlane and took the series with a reverse sweep. It's also not an exaggeration to say that the foundation of SKT's success today came from the botlane. 

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the match, Bang and Effort, and Faker who had played his 400th LCK match today, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

Tell us how you feel about that victory!

Bang: I’ve won today’s match and won the MVP title. So here I am doing this interview.

Effort: I’m very happy that we won today.

You guys played Rumble today.

Bang: We saw Rumble as a very good champion. In addition, he can be flexed into the botlane, so we picked him with that in mind.

In game 2, as Swain, you made a very impressive play in the botlane that basically set the team up for success.

Bang: All I did was hold out… I don’t feel like I did that much damage. My teammates did well, I simply had the last hits.

Bang, you mentioned in a previous interview that you’re having fun playing the new champions in the current meta. Today, you played Ezreal. How does it feel that you’re back to playing ADC champions?

Bang: Ezreal is a mid-to-late game pick, so I relied on my teammates to do well.

In addition, when I play mage champions, I often struggle during teamfights, unaware of what I should do. When I play ADC champions, however, I know exactly what to do. When I play champions that I’m unfamiliar with, I tend to focus on them too intensely; leading me to not pay attention to the minimap.

Gragas supports tend to build a lot of CDR. However, you went for Mobility boots instead of the Ionian boots. Why?

Effort: Since Pyke was fast on his feet, I built Mobility boots to match him in speed. You normally build Ionian boots on Gragas.

There is another thing to celebrate today. Faker played his 400th LCK game! Let’s invite him on stage.

Faker: I didn’t know that I played my 400th match today.

When I lost the 1st set today, I had a bad feeling. I’m glad that we won. Things are looking brighter for us now.

Faker, someone used their monthly paid holiday to come watch you today. Anything that you want to tell her?

Faker: I knew that she’d come, so I won for her.

Game 3 must’ve been very satisfying for the SKT fans to watch.

Faker: They might’ve been frustrated during games 1 and 2. Game 3 was most likely satisfying though.

Your next opponent is KT Rolster.

Bang: We’ll do our best.

Effort: I’m really happy that we won today. I feel that we’ll be back to form if we are to win our next match. Please cheer for us.

Faker: Our lives depend on each and every game that we play. We’ll win our next match, no matter what it takes… even if we lose our next match, we’ll win the rest.

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