AFs Spirit: "Kindred probably got popular because it's a fun champion. It’s the most fun champion when playing jungle!"

On the 17th of July, during the first series of the day, Afreeca Freecs defeated Griffin with a score of 2-0. During the match, both Kiin and Spirit had shown impressive performance. Kiin was a constant nuisance for the enemy team -- especially for Viper -- and Spirit was the well-rounded jungler that was there for his team whenever he was needed.

After the series, the 2 MVP titlists, Kiin and Spirit, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

Congratulations on your victory. Many expected you guys to have a difficult time today. How was it facing Griffin?

Kiin: Our team was depressed due to our recent losing streak. It feels great overcoming that depression and winning!

Spirit: During our losing streak, we decided that we should look back at the core of our gameplay and make improvements to the very foundation of it. It ended up having great results.

You guys played very impressively today.

Kiin: We went in the booth today with the mindset to learn and improve our gameplay. It feels great going back to the teamhouse with a win.

In game 1, Spirit seemed to have jumped out of his seat when Cho’Gath jumped in during the Baron take.

Spirit: I don’t remember. (Laughs) I have nothing to say about that.

Kiin consistently marked Viper’s Lucian and made sure the teamfight didn’t go in Griffin’s favor. Was this a team strategy?

Kiin: Since the enemy team was funneling gold onto Lucian, I thought that I should stick to him and rely on my teammates to finish him off.

What’s your opinion on the Gold Funneling strategy?

Spirit: It’s a good strategy, but my team won’t let me be the carry during it… because I throw a lot. (Laughs) Hopefully, when I start performing better, my team will let me be the carry.

Kiin is currently the LCK toplaner with the highest number of solo kills at 9.

Kiin: I’ve been playing a lot of tanks, but when I switched to playing more offensive champions, it was quite doable.

After the Rift Rivals, many LCK teams seemed to have adopted different strategies from other regions. Kiin, what’s your opinion on Kled?

Kiin: Kled is a champion that heavily relies on his team’s composition. If you build a team composition based around Kled, he’s a great champion.

You guys played Zoe-Kindred today. Currently, in the LCK, Kindred seemed to have become a top-tier jungler. Why is that the case?

Spirit: Kindred probably got popular because it's a fun champion. It’s the most fun champion when playing jungle! Regardless of her actual usefulness, I let the team know that I want to play her. 

Your next opponent is bbq Olivers. Please give a word regarding your next match!

Kiin: We had finally put an end to our losing streak. I want us to continue winning.

Any last words for the fans who have come to visit you despite the hot weather?

Spirit: Thank you so much for giving us the attention that we don’t fully deserve. Thank you so much for coming to cheer for us. Our next opponent is bbq Olivers, and we’ll make chicken soup out of them!

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