kt Rolster Ucal on His Yasuo: "If we’re talking about that game, I think I was exceptional on Yasuo."

On the 15th of July (KST), kt Rolster (KT) defeated Afreeca Freecs (AFs) 2:1. KT’s mid laner, Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon led the team to victory with his Swain and Yasuo. Ucal’s performance as Yasuo in Game 2 was especially impressive. After dealing an unbelievable 60,000 damage, he has now earned a new nickname: “Korea’s Number 1 Swordsman”

After the match, we were able to meet Ucal and hear about his thoughts on the dramatic win against AFs. 


Q. The team came from behind and won a highly competitive match against Afreeca Freecs. What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

We thought that we had to win in order to compete for the higher standings. That’s why I thought that “this match may really be our last chance”.


Q. In game 1 and 3, Kuro used a rather surprising Fizz pick. Fizz is not a champion that can be seen in the LCK that often. What was it like going against this champion?

Fizz is really strong in 1 vs 1 situations. However, I think that he isn’t that effective in teamfights. That’s why I thought that I had to avoid 1 vs 1 fights, or try to get him in small skirmishes. Well, because of that reason, I believe that Fizz isn’t a really good pick.


Q. The team wasn’t doing so well in Game 2. However, the team started to gain momentum by winning skirmishes. What were the team calls at that point?

We told ourselves, “Although we are behind, we still have a good chance of getting back the advantage, so let’s stay focused.”


Q. We have to talk about your remarkable Yasuo in Game 2. Did you have a good feeling about this pick beforehand?

I felt that “if I pick Yasuo, I might carry”; this feeling was correct.


Q. After the match, you earned a nickname: “Korea’s number 1 swordsman”. Are you satisfied with your plays tonight?

Well, I think...If we’re talking about that game, I think I was exceptional on Yasuo.


Q. Now you’ve experienced your very first international event, Rift Rivals. How was it?

I’ve never performed against foreign players, so I was so excited that I had a hard time sleeping. I’d like to participate in international events again since I had so much fun this time.


Q. What have you learned from this Rift Rivals?

I learned foreign players’ playstyles, pick & bans, and even their mindset as professional players.


Q. Did you get to know new foreign players? Were there any players that you’ve talked with?

I got to know Chinese players. I especially became closer to foreign team mid laners such as Rookie and Doinb.


Q. Pawn, who took a rest for the Spring split, has come back in the round 2 rosters. A lot of people are curious about his current state.

Pawn is currently recovering and I think he might perform on stage soon.


Q. KT’s next opponent is SKT T1. Do you have any comments on your upcoming match?

In my remaining matches, I’m going to perform each game by thinking that it may be my last chance. I will deliver better performance. Thank you for your support!

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