[Rift Rivals] SKT Head Coach kkOma: "I had a hard time after the defeat on last year’s Rift Rivals. I want to win the title this time and I’ll prepare well to win against any other team."

On the 7th (CST), LCK defeated LMS 3:0 in the semi-finals of Rift Rivals 2017. After the match, we had the chance to meet and talk with the coaching staff of LCK and LPL.


The following is the interview with LPL-LCK coaching staff.

Q. Which team will perform for game 1 tomorrow?

KT coach Jung Jae-seung: On the LCK side, kt Rolster will perform on game 1.

iG coach Kim Jung-soo: iG will perform for LPL.

Q. Are there any differences compared to last year’s Rift Rivals?

EDG head coach Jung “NoFe” No-chul: Last year, we were at a disadvantage. Although we did get a good result this year, I still do feel pressure.

Q. How do you think about the LCK teams? Will the team be able to show good performance in the finals?

Jung Jae-seung: This year, LPL and LMS have improved to a higher level; every team is delivering good performance. We’ll try our best to prove that LCK is the better team. I hope we’ll perform well.

Q. How’s the LPL teams' atmosphere?

RNG head coach Son “Kezman” Dae-young: LCK is doing well. However, LPL is trying its best as well. I’m not sure about the results just yet, but I’d like to deliver the same amount of performance that RNG has shown this year. Also, I want to show that LPL teams can join together as a team.


Q. What are your predictions on tomorrow’s match?

RW coach ‘Steak’: LPL will win 3:1.

Kezman: I think the same. Probably LPL will win 3:1.

NoFe: If we manage to win. I think the score would be 3:2.

Kim Jung-soo: I agree with NoFe. LPL will win 3:2.

Q. The LCK coaching staff think EDG is the strongest competitor. What are your thoughts on this?

Nofe: I’d like to thank them for rating our team that high. I’m proud of my players and we’ll play at the same level as they’ve rated us.

Kezman: On the LPL side, there’s not a single team that is performing poorly. It was a decision made to counter the opponent’s entry. I hope that iG would start off well.

Q. kt Rolster and iG have a rather similar style. Which lane would be the most important?

Jung Jae-seung: Like Kezman said, LPL teams, in general, is really high in quality. Especially, their mid and bottom lane is strong. However, our laners also have strengths, so we’ll do our best against iG.

Q. Which team do you want to meet and why?

Steak: I’d like to face SKT T1 since I’ve faced them when I was a player.

Kezman: I don't have any particular team in mind. I just want my team to perform well. (laughs)

Nofe: We’ve already met Afreeca Freecs. There are SKT T1 and Kingzone DragonX left. I’d like to face Kingzond DragonX.

KZ coach Yeon “Sin” Hyeong-mo: If we manage to deliver the same performance we’ve shown on scrims, we can go against any team. I’d like to go against EDG.

AFs coach Lim “comet” Hye-sung: The players want to go against EDG for revenge, but I’m actually looking forward to the match against RNG. I personally think that RNG prepared well for the 8.13 patch and if we manage to win against them, I think our team will deliver good performance back at the LCK.

SKT head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun: I wanted to face iG, but we won’t be facing them. I just want to win whoever I’d go against. I had a hard time after the defeat on last year’s Rift Rivals. I want to win the title this time and I’ll prepare well to win against any other team.

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