[Rift Rivals] KT Ucal on His International Stage Debut: "I think the international debut is more thrilling."

On July 7th (CST), kt Rolster (KT) went against G-REX (GRX) in the Rift Rivals semifinals game 3. KT managed to gain the advantage by Ucal’s First Blood. The game snowballed quickly to KT. It was a one-sided game. They soon secured the Baron buff and won the game.  

After the match, KT’s Ucal was interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.

Q. How is it to perform on an international stage?

Ucal: I was really looking forward to it since I would go against different players. Now that I’m here, I’m actually having fun. Their styles are very aggressive and I think this makes it more interesting.

Q. It was your international stage debut. How was it different compared to your LCK debut?

Ucal: I think the international debut is more thrilling.

Q. Another MVP point for you. So, how is the team treating you? Has it changed?

Ucal: Well. It’s pretty much the same. (laughs)

Q. The fans are showing some great support.

Ucal: Because of their support, I was able to perform well.

Q. The team’s pick bans were aggressive. Are you satisfied with the result?

Ucal: Yes. Well, the opponent was clearly focusing on late-game. We tried to counter that.

Q. Players are using mid Aatrox. What are your thoughts on the pick?

Ucal: It is good. However, I think he’s a better top lane pick.

Q. LPL is doing very well. What are your thoughts?

Ucal: I’d like to go against every LPL players. But, I was just able to play one or two matches. I personally want to go against Rookie.

Q. Any words for the fans?

Ucal: I’ll deliver good performance on the match against LPL tomorrow. I’ll do my best to make LCK the champions.

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