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[Rift Rivals] SKT Thal: "Since we are the 7th place team [in the LCK], it’s very helpful to practice with the better teams."



On July 7th (CST), SKT T1 (SKT) went against Flash Wolves (FW) in the Rift Rivals semifinals game 2. SKT gained an early-game advantage by using their global ults. With the ‘Nocturne - Galio’ comp, they aggressively pressured the opponent. FW seemed to put up a fight, but SKT managed to secure the Baron and closed down the game.

After the match, SKT’s Thal was interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.

Q. How was the Rift Rivals so far? Were you pressured?

Thal: When I first arrived in China, I was pressured. However, once I played on stage, I felt that the only difference was that there were more fans [compared to the LCK stage].

Q. There were some difficulties in the LCK. Still, you managed to win in Rift Rivals.

Thal: We weren’t that good in practice. However, we shared a lot of feedback and improved.

Q. What did you earn in this Rift Rivals?

Thal: Since we are the 7th place team [in the LCK], it’s very helpful to practice with the better teams. Personally, I was able to practice on my reflexes.

Q. What do you think was your best play so far in this Rift Rivals?

Thal: I think it was the solo kill using Swain. The crowd is so huge, so I heard an enormous roar. 

Q. Any words for the fans?

Thal: To the SKT fans… Um… I did perform rather poorly. Now I’ll do my best to perform better. Thank you and I want to ask for more support.


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