[Rift Rivals] KZ Bdd on Mid Aatrox: "If the champion isn’t nerfed, it’ll probably be used in the LCK."

On July 7th (CST), Machi E-Sports (M17) went against Kingzone DragonX (KZ) in the Rift Rivals semifinals game 1. KZ dominated the game with some early ganks from Peanut’s Sejuani. He focused on top, which gave Khan’s Darius some early game points. Khan eventually solo-killed the opponent Mundo. Game 1 was one-sided. KZ quickly snowballed and closed down the game.

After the game, KZ's Bdd was interviewed by SPOTV GAMES. 

Q. Congratulations on your win. How was the team’s atmosphere?

Bdd: We were on a losing streak, so we were quite pressured. The team’s practice went really well, but I think we were pressured on stage and failed to deliver good performance.

Q. Why did you pick mid Aatrox?

Bdd: Well, he can be used on multiple lanes. Also, the teams tend to have a hard time against new champions.

What skill do you like from the “new” Aatrox?

Bdd: I like his Q skill because it’s so strong. The sound effect of it is cool as well. If the champion isn’t nerfed, it’ll probably be used in the LCK.

Some fans were rather frustrated by the team’s performance. Can you say something for the fans?

We underperformed [in the group stage]. We’ll do better and deliver good performance.

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