[Rift Rivals] Kiin on his 1v3: "My Darius scaled really well, but they came to get me, so I just punished them."

On the 6th of July (CST), in game 5 of Day 2 in the Rift Rivals 2018, Afreeca Freecs defeated G-Rex without much trouble. In the match, Kiin’s Darius delivered splendid performance and was picked as the man of the match.

The following is the interview with Kiin and Kuro.

It’s the first international competition for you, how do you feel?

Kiin: It’s my first international competition, and it’s really fun. I’ll do my best to come to more international stages.

Who’s your favorite player in this competition?

Kiin: Smeb. I’ve seen him from long ago, and I just like him a lot.

You did really well today. What did you think when you had a 1v3 near bot lane?

Kiin: My Darius scaled really well, but they came to get me, so I just punished them.

Today’s last match is KZ vs RNG. Who do you think will win?

Kiin: It’s really hard to predict, but since I’m in the LCK, I’ll be cheering for Kingzone.

You won, how do you feel?

Kuro: Well, I want to apologize for losing yesterday first. Today, we were able to do what we prepared. It’s a relief that we broke even.

Did you think Darius would scale that much?

Kuro: We always tell Kiin that his Darius starts at 5 deaths. It’s alright if he starts with deaths. I think the Chinese fans are so enthusiastic. When I was just sitting in my seat, they were calling my name and cheering. I was so thankful. After Kiin had a 1v3 with Darius, the fans got so loud that it was hard to even talk to each other.

You’re known for your wide pool of champions. Has there been a pick that you wanted to try?

Kuro: Aatrox was reworked, and he seems really strong. I think he can appear in any lane.

It was an awesome win. You would be watching the next game with an easy mind.

Kuro: KZ will be playing against RNG. I hope you do your share! We did our share! (Laughs)

Why did you pick Blitzcrank yesterday?

Kuro: Our macro was good, and we needed pursue the macro game. But we got into a teamfight because it was going well. That was why we lost.

A word to the KZ players?

Kuro: We spoke briefly with them. They cheered for us, so now we’ll be cheering for them. I hope you do your share. (Laughs)

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