[Rift Rivals] EDG Scout: “The LCK players like safer plays rather than fighting in the early-mid game."

On July 6th (CST), EDward Gaming won in the first game of Rift Rivals Day 2 and got their second win. On this game, Lee “Scout” Ye-chan delivered stable performance with Irelia and in the game before against Afreeca Freecs, he dominated the game with Zoe.

Scout had an interview with the Korean media, “I don’t know how I could express myself in Korean. I haven’t used Korean much lately.” Being asked how they were able to have the best results among the teams of the LPL, he answered, “We didn’t prepare much specifically for the Rift Rivals. We concentrated on creating synergy as a team, and good results followed because we were able to make the plays as we intended.”

He also shared his thoughts on playing against LCK players, “The LCK players like safer plays rather than fighting in the early-mid game. It seems like they’re frustrated if they meet an aggressive player like me.”

”I want to play against Bdd.” Said Scout, on who he’d like to play against. “I knew him from when I was an amateur player, and we both like playing Zed.”

Lastly, when asked about meeting kkOma again, he said, “If we meet them, I’ll make sure that we win.” Scout also expressed his confidence in the Rift Rivals. “I think the possibility of LPL becoming champions is really high. Now the prowess gap between LPL and LCK has narrowed; the winning team will be decided by each players’ conditions.”

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