[Rift Rivals] RW Doinb on Playing Bruisers in Mid Lane: "If you give them to me, I’m confident that I’ll be able to carry."

On the 6th of July (CST), Rogue Warriors played against MAD Team in the third game of Day 2 at the Rift Rivals. Rogue Warriors dominated the game and were able to take the victory. In the match, Doinb delivered good performance with Poppy.

After the match, Doinb was interviewed.


LPL skipped 8.12 and came to the Rift Rivals at 8.13. What did you find interesting about this patch and how do you think LPL is fitting into it?

For mid lane, it hasn't really changed, but in the bot lane, we're playing against a lot more Lucians and Kai'Sas. A lot more normal ADCs are back in the Rift.

You’re the only bruiser mid laner so far. What’s so good about the bruisers, and why do you play these champions?

I just played them a lot in scrims. They had good effects. If you give them to me, I’m confident that I’ll be able to carry.

You'll most likely be playing against LCK again. Which team would you want to play against and why?

KT. It has to be KT because I really want revenge.

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