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[Rift Rivals] Score at KT Team Interview: "Our coaching staff knew that RW likes playing bruisers at mid lane.”


On the 5th of July (CST), kt Rolster (KT) finished day 1 of the Rift Rivals 2018 with two wins. In this day’s match, KT defeated MAD Team (MAD) and Rogue Warriors (RW).

As the team’s captain, Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho said, “There was some pressure because we were the only LCK team that had two matches on day 1. I’m pleased to have won both” and added that they'd be cheering for the other teams with a relaxed mind the next day.

On playing against RW, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu said, “We talked a lot starting from the draft, and the game went as we thought. I’m satisfied with our performance.” Go “Score” Dong-bin cleared that KT was prepared to play against RW. “Our coaching staff knew that RW likes playing bruisers at mid lane.”

Smeb also spoke of the Rumble pick, which was picked by Mouse. “It’s difficult for Rumble to deliver dominating performance in the current meta.” Also, Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon showed confidence, “When we scrimmed with the other LCK teams, every team was really in good form. I think we’ll be able to go to the finals.”

Lastly, on the question who’s more popular in China between Cho “Mata” Se-hyung and Deft, Mata answered, “Deft is the most popular of all the Korean players.”


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