[Rift Rivals] KT Mata:"AFs had the upper hand, but EDG did a great job at countering AFs' strategy."

On the 5th of July, the Day 1 of the '2018 Rift Rivals: LCK x LPL x LMS' took place. On the 6th and final match of the day, KT Rolster defeated Rogue Warriors. With this victory, KT Rolster finished their group stage 2-0. KT displayed a different side today; they played more carefully compared to their usual aggressive playstyle. With superior teamwork and decisive plays, KT took down RW. 

After the match, Mata was interviewed by a SPOTV caster. 

KT's 1st match today was very interesting. How was the 2nd game for you?

We used a slow scaling composition during the 1st game. As for the 2nd game, we weren't as nervous as we were during the 1st, so we were able to go ahead and play like ourselves.

No kills were made until the 15~16 minute mark. Both sides played very carefully. To my knowledge, in the LCK, KT was a very aggressive team. Did you guys play carefully on purpose?

We knew that we had the upper hand in terms of macro management. So we timed our attacks and played accordingly. 

A lot of fans have been saying that KT feels like an LPL team -- very aggressive. Even here, at the venue, many Chinese fans were shouting your name. 

I have played with Deft here in China for two years. I think that's why a lot of LPL fans are cheering for me.

You've finished your group stage matches. 

We are now finished with groups, so tomorrow, we'll simply help the other LCK teams.

What was the most memorable moment today?

Afreeca Freecs had great results during scrims... While watching, I kept on thinking that AFs had the upper hand, but EDG did a great job at countering AFs' strategy. 

Before the Rift Rivals, many Korean fans were worried about the LCK teams and their performance. But KT Rolster finished their Group Stage matches without a single loss. Please give them a word in regard to your results here! 

Last year, we came in 2nd. But this year, we'll do our best to win! Thank you.

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