[Rift Rivals] SKT Bang: "We’ll see who has a better interpretation of the meta in the match against Invictus Gaming."

On the 5th of July (CST), in the Rift Rivals 2018 Game 5, SKT T1 defeated Machi E-Sports. Bang picked Xayah and delivered a good performance to lead the team to victory. After the match, Bang was interviewed by SPOTV.

How was today’s match?

We did our best preparing, but I was worried since the LMS teams were doing so well. Still, it’s a relief that the results are good as much as we practiced hard.

Was today’s game satisfying?

Xayah was a sudden pick. I didn’t prepare Xayah for today’s game, but I think I was able to do well because of the experience from before.

It seemed like you picked Xayah according to the composition.

You’re right. Xayah was picked because she went well with the comp, and kkOma said that he thought Xayah would be good. I agreed, so we picked her.

You had fun dealing damage with an ADC rather than sacrificing for the team today.

Well, I’ve never thought that I sacrificed myself for the team. I always go with whatever’s best for the team. Since my teammates were really good, I was able to play Xayah today. They made enough time for Xayah to scale. It was possible because we trust each other.

Invictus Gaming showed impressive performance today.

I think Invictus Gaming likes a different comp compared to our team. Machi E-Sports’ comp was closer to what we prefer. I guess we’ll see who has a better interpretation of the meta in the match against Invictus Gaming.

Lastly, a word to the fans?

I hope we get good results at this Rift Rivals. I’ll do my best to do so, and maintain good performance back in the LCK as well.

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