[Rift Rivals] KT Smeb: "I think the meta interpretation varies from region to region."

On the 5th of July (CST), in Game 4 of the Rift Rivals 2018, kt Rolster defeated MAD Team. It seemed like the only thing that KT wanted was to take down the opponent’s Nexus and did so from tower to tower. When the game ended, the kill score was only 3:2.

After the match, Smeb was interviewed by SPOTV.

How was today’s game?

We were a bit nervous so we were able to get to what we prepared a bit late. When we started to roll, I think it went alright.

It seemed like you were trying to take the game long because the opponent was a team that didn’t have much international experience.

If it looked like that, it’s good. (Laughs) Since it’s a big competition, we thought we wanted to see how it’ll go. That’s why we played rather slowly.

You must have seen some unexpected events in today’s results.

I think the meta interpretation varies from region to region. I thought ‘This comp can’t beat that comp…’ but 'this comp' won.

Uzi’s Kai’Sa lost. What do you think?

Since we were practicing, I didn’t see it. I think I’ll watch it afterward.

The new Aatrox appeared today.

Aatrox was pretty good in the recent meta, but now it’s changed. I think the new Aatrox needs more research.

Any last comments regarding the remaining matches?

I think we’re the only team from the LCK that has two matches today. We’ll do our best to win the next match too.

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