[Rift Rivals] FW Moojin: "I think our team is the strongest in the current meta... there’s no team that I’m scared of."

On the 5th of July (CST), in the first match of the Rift Rivals, Flash Wolves of the LMS defeated LPL’s defending champions, RNG. In the match, Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin picked Skarner and delivered good performance.

The following is the interview with Moojin.


You won the opening match. How do you feel?

I’m really happy because it feels like all the practice we had while preparing for RNG was worthwhile.

Many people say that it’s the strongest Flash Wolves ever. Do you think it’s because of you?

A bit. I think I was of some help because I can play any champion confidently.

Your aggressive performance is impressive. Do you enjoy that style of play?

My teammates are rather passive. I’m opposite of that and I usually say that it’s alright to die, let’s play aggressive.

How did you prepare the match against RNG?

RNG is a strong team and their ADC is even stronger. However, in the recent meta, the ADCs can’t be active from the early game so we concentrated more on the objectives.

LMS is known as a league dominated by the Flash Wolves. Do you feel any pressure?

I don’t feel pressured. It means that our team is a strong team, and I also think so too.

Your next match is against Kingzone DragonX. Are you confident of winning?

I think our team is the strongest in the current meta. I can play any champion well, so there’s no team that I’m scared of.

How do you think of the possibility of LMS winning the Rift Rivals? And how do you think your team will do?

We’ll have to see what happens with the other teams, but I want to finish this tournament undefeated, at least for our team. If we have good results, LMS will have a better chance for the championship.

Is there any player or team that you want to meet in the LCK or LPL?

I want to meet my friend, Thal. We were once in the same team, so we’re really close. As for the LPL teams, I want to play against all of them.

Do you have any last comments?

Personally, I was disappointed in the MSI. I worked harder this time, so I hope you all cheer for me a lot.

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