Echo Fox Huni: "I will show everyone that NA is better than EU. NA’s performance at MSI was pretty bad but that is because I wasn’t there (laughs)"

Huni is the type of player who brings enthusiasm to his fans. He brings endless trash talking, champion picks and plays that make the crowd roar, and thrilling celebration. There are not that many players in League like Huni.

Even in the game against C9, fans cheered on to Huni’s plays and celebration. Although there were embarrassing moments following right after, these are the fun moments pro players can create for the viewers.

After Sunday’s game, we met with Huni and had a good laugh. All the way from disses to TL, Rift Rivals, and Samsung Galaxy Championship Skins, Huni was relentless. Below are Huni’s responses.

¤ You did a little celebration after you got first blood on Licorice. What was the meaning behind it?

The game was close to over at lv 1. Since we lost the 4v4 which we should have won, it was a very unfavorable situation for us. When I got the solo kill, my team was happy that the game came back to square 1. Because I satisfied everyone’s expectations, I gave off a little celebration.



¤ But soon after...

I mean, I was too greedy (laughs). It would have been fine if I backed out or played calm. I just wanted to 1v2. Before I knew it, I kept dying. The first death was the most unfortunate. The lv 2 Trundle had come to gank, and I knew I was going to win the 1v2. However, Trundle hit lv 3 off the minion wave exp. That, I didn’t calculate.

¤ In the Irelia-Renekton matchup, isn’t Renekton favored?

Yeah, Renekton does have the upper hand. But, since Irelia is such a good champion, she wins if she lands her stun. The stun was the deciding factor, and I got hit by all of them (laughs). I thought to myself 'This is not how it is supposed to go...?' and kept dying.

¤ Were you embarrassed in any way? (laughs)

I did so well in the beginning but starting from lv 4...

¤ What were your teammates saying?

They told me it was fine because I did well early. Since I was able to allow my bot and mid lane to farm comfortably, my team kept supporting me.

¤ What were your thoughts when you say C9’s draft?

As long as we played like we always do, I knew we were going to win. For us, as long as Lucian is fed, we were strong. On top of all this, C9 had a comp that had barely any damage. No matter how ahead they are, they need to take Baron in order to end the game. Since C9 has no damage on their team, it would have been extremely difficult for them to take Baron. I would like to think that we had the better team composition.

¤ Despite this, C9 was able to grab a significant lead in the early game.

C9 did the exact same thing on Saturday's game and the game against TSM. They keep doing well till the mid game and then just got destroyed. C9 could have won these games. It was obvious that Cloud9 kept throwing because they lacked macro. Even in today’s game, we thought to ourselves "We are behind, but we can just farm it out. They are inevitably going to throw". We waited for them to make mistakes.

¤ Didn’t you want to play Lucian yourself? From what we know, you love playing Lucian.

If I play Lucian, there isn’t anyone who can go top. Mundo was also banned... I could have played Lucian if I wanted to, but there really was no need. Looking at the game against C9, you can tell Altec is amazing on Lucian.

Also, top lane was critical for today’s team comp. Because we grabbed 5th pick to counter top lane, I had to win the 1v2 or at least go even. This is why there was a lot of responsibility in the top lane.

If your top is weak in a gold funneling strat, the side lanes might explode. Since we don’t have a jungler and they do, the difference is immense. As long as top can 1v2, the other lanes become more comfortable in the lane. We practiced this a lot in scrims. Whenever I go top when we do a gold funneling strat, the results were always good.

¤ Despite dying a lot, did you accomplish what you wanted to do? It seemed that top lane was on a bit of a wildfire.

It was their mistake when their jungler decided to come to top side at the beginning of the game. In addition to all this, the fact that I got a solo kill 1v2 top was a huge benefit to us. Of course, since I kept dying after that, it became a bit of an issue (laughs).

¤ No team picks Echo Fox as the team to fear. Do you think there is a reason?

I think it might be because we seem like a wild card. Maybe they ignore us because when we lose, we lose incredibly hard. Although we have won games where we tried completely new strategies, we also have lost really hard trying new strategies due to their high difficulty.

We are not a team that plays based on standard strategy like Team Liquid. Echo Fox is a team that is adventurous and loves to try out unconventional things.

¤ People say that Echo Fox loves team fighting and lacks macro. What are your thoughts on the matter?

I believe Team Liquid is the one that loves team fighting. Also, in my opinion, I think TL’s macro is pretty bad. This is why when Team Liquid goes to an international event, they fail.

Everytime we watch Team Liquid’s game, we talk about how bad their macro is. Despite all this, I guess it is true that our macro is worse (laughs). I believe this is why we are losing. Since I have played in Korea, I can see how a team should macro. It is for certain that both teams can’t play smart.

¤ Recently, what areas do you focus on when practicing?

We practice a lot of the unconventional strategies. We do the gold funneling the most. We also did a lot of testing to see if there are any more good champions. Although we are not specifically focusing on macro, it is always on our minds due to the significance of it.

¤ How do you feel about going to Rift Rivals?

Because they said Rift Rivals is treated as an event match, I think I can play with a bit of fun. Regardless, I still want to win. The fan’s excitement and satisfaction are always first.

¤ To our understanding, the first game will be against Fnatic. Fnatic is also a team that likes to experiment a lot. What are your thoughts?

I think it will be a lot of fun. On top of this, since Fnatic is one of my former teams, I am even more excited.

¤ Echo Fox changed their uniform. Do you like it?

Despite it being uncomfortable due to the bright red color, I like it because the fans like it. Isn’t what the fans like the most important thing (laughs)? I heard it is the uniform that represents America.

¤ The Samsung Galaxy skins were revealed. Since you lost to them in the finals, do you feel uneasy looking at those skins?

I haven’t even seen them at all. Once I knew they came online, I didn’t dare to look (laughs). I don’t even know which champions are getting the skins. I am still very upset.

¤ I would assume that you won’t be using the Samsung skins in solo q? (laughs)

Oh yeah, of course. I am not even going to buy them (laughs).

¤ Lastly, any last words before you go to ‘war’ with Fnatic?

Since I am in NA, I will show everyone that NA is better than EU. NA’s performance at MSI was pretty bad but that is because I wasn't there (laughs). I was a conqueror when I was in Europe. I am going to show that again.


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