AFs Spirit: "I’m excited to see the Chinese fans. There are many people I want to see again like WE Xiye, Mystic..."

On July 1st (KST), in the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 18, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated Gen.G Esports (GEN) 2-0. Although AFs had a shaky start, they were able to turn the game around. Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon delivered good performance with Sejuani and Skarner and contributed to the team’s victory.

The following is the interview with Spirit.


Q. AFs is 2nd as of today’s win. How do you feel?

When we lost two matches in a row, it was a critical situation, but because everyone did their best, we were able to reach 2nd place.

Q. The AFs players often say the team isn’t in perfect condition yet. Are you satisfied with today’s match?

For a while, what we prepared was within the opponents’ predictions. We were kind of relaxed at how we used to win. I’m satisfied with today’s match. I thought GEN was a very strong team, and I’m thankful to the teammates and coaching staff since everything from picks & bans to game play went well. We were able to do well because the coaching staff gave us a good draft.

Q. It’s your birthday today. How does it feel winning on your birthday?

I played games on my birthday several times, and some people say that pro gamers lose on their birthdays. It was Mowgli’s birthday on the finals. In my case, I won and lost. Since I won today, it feels completely like my day. It’s the first time being wished a happy birthday so openly at a competition. I hope I can continue to be a pro gamer for long so that I can get more chances like today.

Q. They say that in the current meta is like rock-paper-scissors in the picks & bans.

The picks & bans is important, but it’s not all. We lost with a better draft before. Delivering good performance with a good draft is also very important.

Q. In both games, GEN took initiative in the early game. How did you play after that?

In Game 1, we thought that we won already from the picks & bans so even if GEN had initiative, we had relaxed minds. In Game 2, they had mid lane Ornn and they also got a solo kill. Still, we thought that our composition was better in teamfights and we fought well in front of the dragon.

Q. Ambition came in place of Haru in Game 2. Do you play differently according to the opponent players?

Yes. Haru is really good in the early game. I should have called that ganks are coming. Ambition is good in the late game, and I think I did well according to their styles.


Q. You’ll be playing in the Rift Rivals. You have experience playing in China. How do you feel playing against foreign teams?

It’s been a long time since I’ve last played for a Korean team in a foreign country. I’m excited to see the Chinese fans. There are many people I want to see again like WE Xiye, Mystic and the translator. I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to see them.

Q. Are you satisfied with your current record? What do you think you need to do to get higher?

Before we lost two games, I think we were a bit arrogant because we won all games 2-0. Our current record is a bit regretful because we lost two straight matches. I think we’ll get higher if we don’t make mistakes. Our picks & bans are really good so concentrating on our basic skills would be good.


Q. Any last comments?

It’s the rainy season now, and people in our gaming house is catching cold. Watch out for the cold!

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