SKT Faker on Mid Poppy: "I didn’t use mid Poppy that much in practice. Today was maybe my first or second time using her."

On June 30th (KST), SKT T1 (SKT) defeated bbq Olivers (bbq) 2:0.  


On game 3, Faker used Poppy to counter the opponent Irelia. Bang was on Swain and showed some remarkable performance as well. However, the most noticeable champion was SKT Effort’s Pyke. It was not about his 2/1/5 KDA, but it was mainly about Pyke’s exceptional surviving abilities. The highlight was near the top brush. When Effort and Faker were recalling, bbq’s Sejuani landed her ult on Effort’s Pyke. They managed to focus their skills on Pyke, but he survived by cloaking and Flashing to his turret. This earned the other teammates time to split. Eventually, Mundo began to dominate bbq’s side lanes, which led SKT to their first Baron. Soon enough, they closed down the game and won the series.


After the match, SKT’s Faker and Bang were interviewed by OGN.


Q. After game 1, the team seemed to be in a serious mood. What were you guys talking about?

Faker: I made some mistakes in game 1. It wasn’t about me dying, but it was mostly about falling to kill the opponent even if I was clearly able to. Our overall performance seemed to lack as well. That’s why we were preparing the next game in a rather serious mood. ‘


Q. When you were chosen for the MVP, you seemed to smile. How did you feel?

Faker: Well, I made a lot of mistakes. Also, Bang performed really well, so I thought that he would be the MVP. But it turned out to be me… It was interesting [that I was chosen].


Q. You were really good on Swain. You seem to be using so many other champions as well and now, do you feel comfortable using those new champs?

Bang: Swain went well with my playstyle for sure. I am preparing champions that I personally think is good.


Q. How would you rate the ‘Pyke-Swain’ composition?

Bang: Pyke has an advantage in roaming. Also, we thought that if we choose Pyke, things might be favorable to us after level 6.


Q. Can you say something for your Support, Effort?

Bang: Effort is a player that can make his own flexible plays. I think that’s his strength.


Q. SKT seems to use new picks in their drafts these days. Were there any changes?

Faker: In this current meta, the importance of pick bans has skyrocketed. If we failed to use a good pick ban strategy and the opponent manages to pick some new champions… Even if we are a strong team, chances are, we’re going to easily lose. That’s why we’re trying out some new picks. Also, our performance isn’t that good, so we need to try harder.


Q. Can you elaborate about mid Poppy?

Faker: Frankly speaking, I didn’t use mid Poppy that much in practice; today was maybe my first or second time using her. Well, mid Poppy is good against close-ranged champions. She can use her E skill and roam.


Q. SKT is known for its enormous amount of practice time.

Bang: Other teams are practicing a lot and we’re simply doing the same thing. We are trying to play as much as possible. Players are starting to take short naps like 10 minutes or so. Besides sleeping and eating, we’re only practicing.


Q. Now you're heading to the Rift Rivals. Do you have any expectations?

Faker: I want to give out an impression such as “Are they a 4th place team? They seem better than that.” Also, it’s been a while for us going to an international tournament. Probably our last one was the Worlds.


Bang: The team isn’t at its best. I’d like to make the Rift Rivals as our turning point. That’s why we’ll have to perform well in the tournament.


Q. Any words for the fans?

Bang: We’re below in the standings. We’ll try to be better. I hope the fans will believe and support us… I think I’m asking for too much… Thank you.

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