[KR Reactions] (HLE vs KZ, bbq vs SKT) “The SKT” makes a dramatic match against every underdog.





- Why do the players have two chins?

ㄴ 400th LCK game. Congrats PraY!

ㄴ So boring compared to a Griffin match.

ㄴ Who’s commentating? I’ve never heard this voice before.

ㄴ MadLife

- So many fights in early-game. It wasn’t like this in the past games.

ㄴ Irelia… Well, if you want to lose, pick her.

ㄴ She suffered all game starting from the early game laning...

ㄴ KZ seems so weak… I’ve never seen a champion play like this.

- HLE doing great. It’s like watching Griffin beating KZ.

ㄴ The GRF vs KZ match seemed to have helped a lot of teams.

ㄴ As a fan, it’s fun and interesting to watch.

ㄴ What happened to KZ… They’re collapsing...

ㄴ It’s been a while seeing Bdd suffer this much.


- PraY’s 400th appearance is a defeat...

ㄴ I feel sad, but got nothing to say since they’re losing so much.

ㄴ HLE is so good.

ㄴ Well, it’s about those basics… HLE simply is better.

ㄴ KZ now a so-so team.



- Twisted Fate… He seems like an outdated champ.

ㄴ New champions are always welcomed.

ㄴ What did Lindarang choose? I can’t find him on the list.

ㄴ A hidden champ

ㄴ The old version of Aatrox

- Can KZ tie the match?

ㄴ I’m not sure.

ㄴ HLE is doing okay.

ㄴ Not sure yet. Xayah is farming pretty well.


- Seems like 1:1 for me.

ㄴ Huge level difference… Well, look at Xayah, she’s so OP.

ㄴ Who said that Aatrox doesn’t need a rework?

 ㄴWell, Aatrox is doing okay this game.

- KZ is avoiding to fight. They know that if Xayah hits her power spikes, it’s impossible to lose.

ㄴ Okay, Let’s see the next game.

ㄴ Twisted Fate… He’s back in the rift in ages and loses.

ㄴ Khan is so strong as well.

ㄴ KZ’s payback for sure.

Game 3


- Ryze? I’ve never seen Ryze win...

ㄴ Well, he’ll probably have something in mind...

ㄴ Irelia again?

ㄴ Swain’s a good pick for sure.

- Can’t believe that I can’t see Aatrox perform anymore...

ㄴ Why did Riot rework this ‘god’ champion?

ㄴ They clearly don’t understand this game.

ㄴ They probably didn’t imagine this to happen...

- KZ seems to have won this game.

ㄴ What happened to the game 1 HLE?

ㄴ I did expect this… But still, I didn’t know that HLE would really lose.

ㄴ Their sides were already exploded so early… They had nothing to do.

 ㄴ Don’t forget about mid.


- This is already over. KZ, congrats on your win.

ㄴ Ryze Support??

 ㄴ He wasn’t a Support in the beginning...

ㄴ No GRF means KZ is the king.

ㄴ That GRF was defeated by KT.

 ㄴ KT is a weird team… You can’t be sure when they’ll lose or win.



bbq vs SKT T1


Game 1


-  Nasus? Is it really you?

ㄴ Faker using Irelia in an official match!

ㄴ They won’t possibly lose against bbq…

ㄴ Let’s stop being defeated… Not anymore SKT.

ㄴ Wolf is now only doing streaming?

- They really might lose after all.

ㄴ Blank is not bad.

ㄴ Everyone else is so bad that now Blank seems like the best.

ㄴ Pyke’s ult is so strong!

ㄴ It avoids shields so he counters Tahm Kench.

ㄴ Why did they choose Nasus? He looks like he is having such a hard time even breathing.

- Why are the games so loose? The casters will have quite a hard time.

ㄴ The 2 teams that want to be better but can’t.

ㄴ How did SKT collapse this much?

 ㄴ Now this question is outdated.

  ㄴ I don’t know what SKT is good on, but bbq is losing against them.

- They’re just showing off their ult. When are they going to fight?

ㄴ What are they doing?


ㄴ I currently need a “Griffin match”.

- SKT is now going aggressive, which means that Nasus hit his power spikes.

ㄴ However, Nasus doesn’t know what he has to do.

ㄴ Ghost transforms into the Spring Ghost.

ㄴ Just use Vladimir, please...

ㄴ Well, let’s see the next match. I can only see Effort’s Pyke. 


Game 2


- Mid Poppy?? Oh, come on.

ㄴ Still more left for surprise.

ㄴ Lol.

ㄴ Trying to whip Irelia?


- So competitive...

ㄴ Well, either side has nowhere else to drop.

ㄴ Even if SKT played well, it seems like bbq is just bad.

ㄴ At least they are better than you.

ㄴ The match seems competitive, but why isn’t it fun to watch?


- Faker’s mid Poppy tho. Didn’t expect I’ll see him play her.

ㄴ Something new every week. What would he use next week?

ㄴ Garen might be up next perhaps.

ㄴ Rammus??



- Guys. Faker’s Poppy just made my day! Lol.

ㄴ Still, a sweet 2:0 victory.

ㄴ Don’t be sure yet. It’s “the SKT”.

ㄴ “The SKT” never wins easily.

ㄴ Yep. They never seem to easily win.

ㄴ “The SKT” makes a dramatic match against every underdog.


- Did well, SKT… You guys are still getting some wins.

ㄴ If a team is on a losing streak and becomes better, isn’t it usually awesome and cool? Don’t know why but I just can’t feel that they are a good performing team.

ㄴ It’s good to see Bang improving on AP champions.

ㄴ Just no fun...


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