CuVee on the SSG Skins: "During my meeting with Riot Games, we had a lot of conversations regarding them. I really want to thank them because the quality of the skin ended up being even better."

On the 29th, Gen.G Esports took a flawless 2-0 victory over Jin Air Green Wings. With this victory, GEN maintains their 2nd place spot in the LCK leaderboards. Throughout the series, GEN was able to endure and counter-attack JAG's aggressive macro play. CuVee's Kennen was a massive headache for JAG. In teamfights, CuVee was able to join his team faster than his opposing laner.

The following is an interview done with CuVee.

How does it feel defeating JAG with a score of 2-0?

JAG has been performing very well recently. I'm glad that we were able to defeat them.

The enemy team played very aggressively today. How did you prepare for their playstyle?

UmTi's performance largely depends on his conditions. We paid a lot of attention to him. We also thoroughly prepared for today's match, starting from the picks and bans. 

SoHwan played Kennen two times this series. You looked like you were having troubles playing against it. How was it?

It was definitely difficult playing against him. However, the other lanes below me were having an okay time, so I felt assuring. I was just getting ready to get carried. (Laughs)

GEN seems really set on playing only ADC compositions. Do you guys plan on giving it a little change?

We tried playing different compositions a couple of times. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare new strategies, so we simply decided to refine and strengthen what we were already good at. 

You guys are now back on a winning streak. I heard that you guys changed the way you practice after your last loss. 

Our team atmosphere had become worse than before. However, I think that's for the best. A bad team atmosphere can bring a sense of danger and tense up the players -- in a good way. It could be very helpful.

A lot of people have been stating that the toplaner's impact in a game has gone down significantly. Despite that opinion, however, some players are still carrying the game as a toplaner. What is your opinion?

For a toplane to have an impact in a game, the other two lanes must at least go even in their lane. If you're able to scale decently as a toplaner, you can start directly impacting the game. 

You'll soon play against Afreeca Freecs, and it'll be a very important matchup. How will you prepare for them?

Afreeca Freecs play a wide variety of champions, so it'll be a very difficult match. We'll simply prepare for them like we always have. We'll aim towards reducing the number of mistakes that we make. 

Lots of fans are highly praising the quality of the SSG World Champion skins. Are you satisfied with them?

During my meeting with Riot Games, we had a lot of conversations regarding them. I really want to thank them because the quality of the skin ended up being even better. 

Each year, your pictures of eating become a hot topic here in the League of Legends community. Can we expect something similar for this year as well?

I always eat, and I'm not trying to garner attention on purpose or anything like that. I don't even attempt to eat new food. I simply eat everything that's tasty. (Laughs) I don't care what it is that I eat.

Any last words?

Rift Rivals is just around the corner. We'll make sure to prepare thoroughly for the tournament. 

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    level 1 oriole520

    How could Cuvee play as Kennen when 'SoHwan played Kennen two times this series' in a 2-0 series?

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