AFs Kuro: "Every time I had played against Fly, I had a difficult time. It feels good seeing him find success back in Korea."

On the 29th, Afreeca Freecs defeated MVP with a score of 2-0. With this victory, Afreeca secured their 2nd consecutive win. In game 1, Kiin struggled during the laning phase. However, Kuro's Syndra absorbed most of the enemy's aggression and proceeded to bombard them with a counter attack. In game 2, Kuro was able to quickly join his team before teamfights, and easily took the match.

The following is an interview with Afreeca's midlaner, Kuro.

How do you feel having taken that victory 2-0?

I'm really happy that we were able to put an end to our past losing streak and that we are now on a winning streak. 

In game 1, things didn't go too smoothly for you guys. What kind of conversation did you guys share during it?

Before the game, we warned each other to be careful of the enemy's abundant amount of CC. However, as soon as the game began, Kiin died. But our team remained level headed and remarked that "Kiin's Darius truly begins dominating after his 5th death." We ensured each other that we could win if we can endure until the late game. 

Even during a difficult time, you guys successfully made a comeback. From what moment did you become certain that you'd win?

In the early-to-mid game, the enemy team had an impressive macro play, so it was very difficult for us. However, MVP started overextending in attempts to kill me. I used Quicksilver, Flash, and even Stopwatch to endure their barrage and survive. Afterward, our team won the following teamfight and that's when we started expecting a comeback victory. 

Unlike game 1, you guys won with ease in game 2. What was the source of your victory?

Our team composition was way too good. We knew that we'd win as long as we fought our teamfights properly. I didn't worry too much about game 2.

Your next opponent is Gen.G Esports. It's going to be a difficult matchup. What is your opinion?

Gen.G had a rough time recently, so they're probably in an unstable state. As for us, we had already endured our difficult moments of the split. We are capable of defeating them.

Gen.G's playstyle is very clear and straight to the point. Also, we're highly anticipating the Kuro vs. Fly matchup. A fight between two midlaners with similar styles. 

Every time I had played against Fly, I had a difficult time. It feels good seeing him find success back in Korea. If we're able to successfully make the plays that we had practiced in scrims, we are definitely capable of winning. I'm confident in winning against teams that only play the traditional ADC compositions. 

Today is your mother's birthday! I heard that you weren't able to congratulate her yet. Is there anything that you want to tell her?

I wanted to tell her in advance after our previous match. However, our team atmosphere was very bad at the time, so I had completely forgotten about it. I want to apologize and thank her for coming to see us play today. Also, Happy birthday!

Rift Rivals is just around the corner. Please exert your resolution regarding the upcoming tournament.

Four LCK teams will be attending it as the Korean representatives. We'll do our best.

Any last words?

Although everyone is doing their best nowadays, we feel like we're easily distracted; we feel restless. I know that everyone is trying their best. I really want to thank my team for doing their best regardless of the bad team atmosphere. I hope we all remain together and reach the World Championship. 

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