AFs Spirit: "Gen.G and Griffin are above us, but if we really do our best, we can bring them down… so watch out!"

On the 29th of July, Afreeca Freecs defeated MVP with a score of 2-0.

In game 1, AFs played a gold funneling strategy, yielding midlane farm and jungle creeps to the team’s ADC. Aiming properly played his role and net his team the victory in game 1. In game 2, TusiN had fully utilized Shen’s global presence to support his team from around the entire map. With their superior teamwork and decision making, AFs ends the series 2-0 in their favor.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the series, Spirit and TusiN, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster. 

Congratulations! You've become the 3rd place team here in the LCK.

Spirit: We underperformed recently and have had gone on a losing streak. However, I’m glad that we were able to win 2-0 today. We’ll use this victory as a momentum to bounce back up.

Are you satisfied with your performance in game 2?

TusiN: We could’ve ended game 2 a lot quicker. That part was a bit regretful.

I feel that a lot of the Afreeca Freecs players were disappointed with their own recent performances.

Spirit: I was quite disappointed in my own performance. I don’t think I’m playing at a high level. In addition, as a team, I think our teamwork is a bit off.

TusiN, you have garnered a lot of attention from foreign casters overseas. You are highly praised for your engages.

TusiN: In time, anyone can make great engages. Because I played Shen today, I couldn’t make a fancy play. But you can expect me to make such a play in the future because I’ll eventually play different types of champions.


Afreeca seems to have a good team atmosphere. In game 1, Kiin was having a lot of difficulties in lane.

Spirit: Kiin isn’t normally like this but before the game… Kiin told me, “hyung, I’m nervous…” I thought he said that just for the heck of it, but he really played badly. But from the mid game, he got to his senses and played well.

What went wrong in game 1?

TusiN: In game 1, I couldn’t really pay attention to the Darius vs. Kled toplane matchup, but I had thought that as long as I hit level 6, I can use my ultimate and help Kiin out. However, unfortunately, I died when I went up there. We also ran into issues at around Baron, and the level gap between the two toplaners grew way too big.

Despite those issues, however, you guys won. To add to that, the global gold differential was also very large.

Spirit: Honestly speaking, we already predicted that we’d win from the picks and bans stage. Kiin’s performance was our losing factor. But fortunately, Kuro played really well and got us back into the game.

In game 2, you gave A Scuttle Crab over to Kiin.

Spirit: He kept asking for it. I wanted it too! (Laughs) He kept telling me, “I need to scale,” and asked for it. I think he wanted it so that he can become stronger and make up for his poor performance in game 1.

Afreeca gives the impression that they only engage in fights that they know they’ll win. Any memorable moments in game 2?

TusiN: If we can, our team usually engage in fights on my command. To be honest, as a Shen, it’s hard to do that. But I did everything that I can and fought appropriately.

Any words for the fans?

Spirit: I realized that I’ve been a professional player for quite some time now. I want to thank all the fans that have been cheering for me from the very beginning. I’ll continue to do my best. Thank you.

TusiN: (To his mother who visited the stadium) I wish you would’ve told me that you were coming. (Laughs) I’m really happy that you are living with a young lifestyle. I have a hard time expressing myself towards her, but I want to tell her that I love her.

Your next match will be against Gen.G.

Spirit: We have Gen.G and Griffin left to play against. Both of them are above us. If we really do our best, we can bring them down… so watch out!

TusiN: (To Kuro’s mother who also visited the stadium) I’m taking very good care of Kuro, so don’t worry about his well being. Also, happy birthday!

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