KZ GorillA: "I’ve felt this for a while now… Khan has really matured as a player."

On the 28th, on the 2nd series of the day, Kingzone DragonX defeated SKT T1 with a score of 2-0. In game 1, GorillA displayed outstanding performance on Blitzcrank, leading his team to victory with superior macro. In game 2, Cuzz’s jungle pathing, skill usage, and decision-making skills were nothing less of stellar, earning him the MVP title of that game.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the match, GorillA and Cuzz, were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

Many fans came to watch today! Please say your hello to the fans.

GorillA: It has been a while since I’ve done an interview. I’m glad that I’m doing it on my 5th year anniversary as a professional.

Cuzz: Hello, I’m Kingzone’s jungler, Cuzz.

Looking back at your 5-year career, is there a specific moment that you remember from the past?

GorillA: I didn’t play too much Blitzcrank in professional play; I’ve only used him against SKT. I didn’t have too much practice on the champion, but my teammates asked me if I wanted to try him today. It worked out great. In truth, I have a bad memory regarding Blitz… Back when I was in Najin, Zefa gave me a lot of criticism regarding the champion. It feels great playing him again.

Cuzz, you seemed to have had a good grasp on Rakan’s mechanics. Did GorillA give you any tips on Rakan when you were playing him?

Cuzz: When I did something wrong, he did advise me. But to be honest, I think I can play any champion well, even if I haven’t played too much of it.

In game 2, Khan made a face in which looked like the expression of a man that has the entire world against him. How was Khan’s mentality?

GorillA: I’ve felt this for a while now… Khan has really matured as a player. If it was back then, he would’ve had a lot of difficulty coping with the situation. The team can really rely on him now.

You’ve not hit your 5th year a professional, and PraY has played his 399th professional game today. His next game will be the 400th. Despite the long career, however, many fans are in doubt regarding PraY and your performance in the botlane.

GorillA: We’re still in the process of adapting to the new meta. We’ll try and prepare many cool new picks, just like the other teams. We’re currently at the stage where we’re deciding on which champions to play. We’re having a lot of discussions regarding it.

You guys had shown an impressive teamfight near the Rift Herald.

Cuzz: Camille is a very mobile champion, so I knew that we were fully capable of winning that fight.

GorillA: Khan’s Mundo did get shut down in the early game. However, Khan made the call that Darius is constantly alone by himself and that we should focus on him. It worked.

Is Camille simply a really good pick? Does she become significantly weaker if put behind in the early game?

Cuzz: If she is put behind, she does become an unstable pick. However, she still shines in the late game. It was especially good for me since I also took Gathering Storm and Press the Attack.

Last words for the fans?

GorillA: I’m very happy that we took a clean 2-0 victory. On Saturday, PraY will play his 400th game. We’ll do our best to decorate it with a brilliant win.

Cuzz: I’m very happy that our team won with me playing. I also want to thank all the fans that are cheering for us. I’ll continue to do my best.

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