KT Smeb: "To be honest, Score is such a perfect person that I can’t fully describe him in words. His best quality is his ability to pass on positive energy to his younger teammates as a hyeong"

On the 28th, KT Rolster defeated Griffin with a score of 2-0.

In game 1, KT played a composition strong for countering engages. With stellar performances from all five members -- especially Ucal, where he had even landed an impressive 5-man taunt at one point in an early teamfight -- coupled with amazing macro management focused around toplane, KT took the first game. In game 2, KT utilized a similar composition and focused the toplane once again to close out the series.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the match, Ucal and Smeb, were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

Please say hi to your fans!

Ucal: Hello, it had been a while since I’ve claimed an MVP title. I’m happy that I’ve won it.

Smeb: I have been yielding the title to the other players on the team. (Laughs) It has been a while since I’ve made my appearance here.

Please tell us about the teamfight at botlane in game 2.

Smeb: Everyone was very confident -- actually, I was the one that was too confident. I wanted to startle the enemy team with my aggression, but they didn’t even flinch… normally, when you see a Kennen approaching, you are supposed to run. (Laughs)

Ucal: Today, all five of us played as one. We all had faith in each other and played as such.

In game 1, there was not a single ranged champion. The fights were unbelievable. In one of the team fights, as Galio, Ucal even landed a 5-man taunt.

Ucal: I was worried at the time because things didn’t go as well as planned regarding Yasuo. It could’ve been very dangerous, but I’m glad that it worked out.

Fans and analysts alike were highly praising your team’s near flawless picks and bans today. Did you guys do a lot of analyzing and researching for today’s match?

Ucal: The coach told us to prepare for today’s match with a mindset to fight. That’s why we picked those champions today.

Who is the better Aatrox player between you two?

Ucal: Smeb may be a toplaner, but I can’t let him have this one...

In game 2, the synergy between Nocturne and Kennen was very impressive.

Smeb: I have a lot of good memories regarding Kennen. I didn’t get too much practice on Kennen recently, but he looked great for our team composition, that’s why we picked him.

Why didn’t you play AD Kennen?

Smeb: Unsealed Spellbook and AD Kennen don’t go well together… We built our team composition with the concept of constantly fighting, that’s why I went with the Spellbook Kennen.

Do you have tips regarding how to play Unsealed Spellbook Kennen?

Smeb: Honestly speaking, even I haven’t had a lot of time playing him, so it’s hard for me as well. We still have a lot of analyzing to do, and maybe, after speaking with my teammates, I may be able to use different spells/runes on it as well.

A lot of KT fans were frustrated with their team’s performance early on in the split. However, you guys started playing brilliantly, even taking down the no.1 team, GRF. How does it feel?

Ucal: Our team had slowed down on exploring and experimenting on new picks. However, recently, we started doing so. I was beaten by Faker on Aatrox, so it led me to try him myself. I used my losses as an opportunity to improve.

As a new-blood yourself, how did it feel playing against GRF?

Ucal: I think the enemy team was more wary of me than I was of them.

How do you feel watching these rookies [GRF] climb up the LCK Standings?

Smeb: Until last year, we didn’t have too many rookie players. But this year, with the addition of GRF, I think the league has become more fun.

Score also played exceptionally well. Give him a word of compliment!

Smeb: To be honest, Score is such a perfect person that I can’t fully describe him in words. His best quality is his ability to pass on positive energy to his younger teammates as a hyeong.

Any last words for the fans?

Ucal: We’ll prepare flawlessly for our next series against MVP.

Smeb: We’ll be competing in the Rift Rivals. As a representative of Korea, we’ll do our best.

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