GEN CuVee on World Champion Skins: "All of the skins came out well. However, from among them, I think Samsung Ezreal stands out"

On the 27th of June, Gen.G Esports defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-1. Later that day, we caught up with CuVee to hear from him about the victory -- as well as the newly-revealed World Champion skins. 

You guys defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-1. How do you feel after taking that victory?

It was hard-fought, but a victory is a victory. I'd like for our team to develop and improve through this match. I'm very happy that we won. 

In game 1, you played AD Kennen. Was it a pick to specifically counter Mundo?

AD Kennen has a strong laning phase. Also, he's pretty much an ADC, so his DPS is just as high as a bot laner. In that sense, in theory, I had thought that Kennen would have an advantage over Mundo. That's why I picked him.

In game 2, you guys lost pretty badly. What effort did you exert in order to maintain a good team atmosphere afterward?

I didn't do anything specific -- everyone on the team simply said, "we can win," and "let's try our best to not make any mistakes." Everyone on the team did their best to lift the mood.

There has been a lot of discussions saying that the top laner's impact in-game has gone down significantly in the recent patches. What is your opinion?

That's true to some degree. However, it's still an important lane -- and some games are even won through it. So you can't say that the top lane is completely irrelevant. I think a top laner's role is to be a player that silently tries and does everything that is necessary for the team's success. 

The World Champion skins were revealed recently. Do you like them?

They came out better than I had expected. I'm extremely satisfied. (Laughs)

Samsung Gnar's recall animation has him eating a banana. On the other hand, Mega Gnar eats a bowl of 'jajangmyeon'. Which one do you find cuter?

I really, really like the mini Gnar's recall animation. Mega Gnar's came out just as I had expected, but Mini Gnar's came out even better. I'm extremely happy. (Laughs)

Do you like any of the other players' skins too? If so, which one?

All of the skins came out well. However, from among them, I think Samsung Ezreal stands out. All of his skill animations are clean, and his ultimate shoots out the SSG logo. With that in mind, I think the Ezreal skin is the best one.

The next two questions were asked by Inven Global users overseas. 

(From "aiueokaki") What do you think about the tier of junglers on patch 8.12?

Many things changed in 8.12. With the patch, the trend of picking DPS champions in the jungle started shifting towards picking tanks like Sejuani and Trundle. Sejuani and Trundle's tiers went up significantly. 

(From "SSG-Neymar") What is your goal for the end of the season?

Our goal is to -- of course -- win. I want our team to win the Summer Split so that we won't have to play in the regional qualifiers. I want to head straight to Worlds.

Lastly, you'll face Jin Air Green Wings in your next series. Please give us a few words regarding that.

JAG is a team with potential. We won't let down our guard. We'll play at our best. Thank you.

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