AFs Kiin on His Aatrox: "I don’t really like him. He resurrects, which makes him so hard to use and hard to go against as well."

On the 27th of June (KST),  Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated Jin Air Greenwings (JAG) 2:1


JAG managed to get first blood and gained the early-game advantage. However, JAG had a rather hard time snowballing because of AFs’ teamfight abilities. Eventually, JAG slew the first Baron, but AFs won a series of teamfights and slowly brought back the advantage. After winning a fight near the Elder Drake, AFs directly ran for the Baron. With the buff, they quickly advanced to JAG’s territories and closed down the game.


After the match, AFs’ Kuro and Kiin were interviewed by OGN.

Q. What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

Kiin: It’s a relief that we’ve won. Our performance wasn’t really good. It was tough, but I feel relieved that we’ve won.


Kuro: It was a relief that we’ve finished our losing streak. Well, we did win, but I’m not that satisfied.

Q. You were remarkable with your Aatrox. How did you feel when you heard that the champ will be reworked?

Kiin: I don’t really like Aatrox. He resurrects, which makes him so hard to use and hard to go against as well.

Q. On game 3, you managed to survive from a fierce fight. Can you explain this situation?

Kiin: I thought I won’t survive… Still, I thought that I shouldn’t give up [on surviving].


Kuro: I thought that he’d die, so I was ready to give up. However, he managed to survive. It was a relief.

Q. There were some champion composition differences. How did the team manage to complete the comps?

Kuro: Our coach usually chooses. He tries and sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. On game 2 we got caught off guard; we didn’t know what the opponent would pick.

Q. Would it be better to have Vladimir, who becomes so much powerful in late games, or would it be better to just choose traditional ADCs?  

Kiin: Vladimir is about teamfights. However, ADCs have to focus on kiting. Well, I think it’s based on the situation.

Q. What happened on the team’s last teamfight? AFs seemed to stop them from retreating.

Kuro: I was the one who should initiate a fight since I can survive about 2 times. Well, we won the fight. Once we managed to rush through the opponents, I was confident of winning.

Q. AFs was rather underperforming these days. Do you have anything to say for the fans?

Kuro: These days, the meta changes so dramatically. That’s why we’re still confused even though we thought that we knew well about the meta. I think that’s how we sometimes lost our identity. I think it is important to find the way in this meta.

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