GEN Haru and CuVee on Their Worlds Skins: "Ezreal looks the best."

On the 27th of June (KST),  Gen.G (GEN) defeated bbq Olivers (bbq) 2:1.  


After losing game 2, GEN subbed in Haru for Ambition on game 3. The first blood went for bbq by succeeding an early-game bottom dive. Soon after the kill, GEN’s Haru showed some quality ganking abilities with his Trundle. The game snowballed rather slowly with a total of 5 kills on the 25-minute mark. Rather than focusing on kills, GEN started to gradually dominate the game by focusing on objectives. After slaying the Rift Herald, they soon managed to kill 3 Drakes. GEN destroyed bbq’s mid/top tier 2 turrets and eventually turned to the Baron near the 30-minute mark. They won a teamfight near bbq’s mid inhibitor and destroyed the Nexus.


After the match, GEN’s CuVee and Haru were interviewed by OGN.

Q. It wasn’t an easy match. How was the game to you guys?

CuVee: Game 2 was quite competitive, so it was mentally tough to withstand. My mistakes were crucial and I think that led to our defeat.

Q. GEN usually goes for traditional champion comps by mixing tank champions. Do you have a harder time going against bruisers, or comps that have traditional ADC champions?

Haru:  As long as I can gain the Jungle dominance, whether the team is using traditional or non-tradtional comps doesn’t really matter.

Q. You’ve used Kennen once again. Is AD Kennen a good pick?

CuVee: Since Mundo is a tank champion, you need an AD dealer to kill him. That's why I thought that if I used AD Kennen, the team would be able to have the advantage against him. Well, the question about whether Kennen is good in teamfights or not… I think it depends on how you play. Try to use your ult when you think you can land it on multiple opponents.


Q. When Haru was subbed in on game 3, what were your thoughts?

CuVee: I wasn’t really in a mental breakdown. I thought that since Haru subbed in, we should win game 3.

Q. Samsung Worlds skin is quite a thing. Are you planning to use your own skin?

CuVee: I asked to make Mini Gnar cute when he was eating. I also asked to make him lie down looking full when he recalls. When he is in his Mega Gnar form, I asked to let him aggressively throw his plates.


Haru: My skin was quite different than I thought. At first, I wanted my Ezreal to walk around and draw the former team logo. Well, it turned out to be a bit different, but I like it since it looks good.

Q. After watching the clip, whose skin looks the best?

CuVee: If you’re not counting the recall motion… I think Ezreal is the best.


Haru: Me too. If you don’t count the recall motion, Ezreal looks the best.

Q. On game 3, you played a tank champion. Was there a special reason for it?

Haru: Once I saw the team’s comp, I thought that I was the one who had to be the tank champ. So, I said to my teammates to have faith in me.

Q. After the 8.12 patch, how would Gen.G perform? What do you think about the 8.12 patch in general?

CuVee: Um… I’m already overwhelmed by thinking of what I’ll have to do, so I don’t have a clear stance [on the patch].

Haru: Sejuani was buffed, so the ADCs can now gain some more power.

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