Blank: "Bengi is always very detailed when giving feedback. He gives me a lot of feedback in regards to jungle pathing and skill rotations."

Following their victory against JAG, SKT T1 defeated KT Rolster on the 27th of June with a score of 2-1. At the center of their victory was Blank; throughout the match, he performed beyond expectations, keeping his cool as a reliable teammate as he led the team to victory. 

After SKT's series against KT, we ran into an opportunity to hear from Blank about Sejuani's recent buffs and his team's secret Baron call in game 2. 

With this victory, you guys are now on a 2-game winning streak. How do you feel after taking that victory?

KT Rolster is a strong team, so we had prepared thoroughly for this series. Hopefully, this puts us in a good mindset and will allow us to climb higher. It was a very satisfying victory.

In game 1, you guys lost with a huge deficit. However, you guys did make a couple of impressive plays. I'm curious about the feedback that was exchanged afterward. 

Although we lost the first game, our lanes weren't too far behind. We received feedback that we could win if we focus more.

In games 2 and 3, you guys played unique champions in the bot lane. What brought you guys to take Morgana and Pyke bot lane?

First off, we had practiced a whole bunch of different compositions. We chose Morgana and Pyke against KT because it was more advantageous for us in terms of team composition. 

The "secret" Baron secure in game 2 was quite impressive. How was the atmosphere in the booth at the time?

Our team was debating whether we should secure vision around Baron to trick the enemy team into thinking that we're doing it, or actually attempt to take the Baron. Then, we made the call to do the latter. In that situation, we wouldn't have suffered any large consequence even if we started attacking it, so we made the bold decision to try and secure it. 

Sejuani's play rate had declined significantly over time. However, with her recent buffs, many players started practicing her again, and she made a couple of appearances on stage as well. What are your opinions on her recent buffs?

First of all, her 'Winter's Wrath (W)' AP ratio was increased. But as a tank jungler, that change didn't mean much. 

Her meaningful changes were on 'Permafrost (E)' and her passive. Originally, if you had used your stun on a jungle monster, it took a long time before you could use it again -- it had a long cooldown. However, now, you can use it more frequently at the cost of having lower damage.  It became much easier to manage objectives. 

Coach Bengi must give you a lot of tips and feedback since he used to be a jungler just like you in the past. In what ways is he helping you?

He is always very detailed when giving feedback. He gives me a lot of feedback in regards to jungle pathing and skill rotations. 

Through a post-match interview, Faker claimed that he stopped making dad jokes. As an outsider, I need a witness. Did he really stop?

Hmm... maybe it's because of the situation of our team, but he pretty much stopped. (Isn't it boring without them?) We're no longer at ease with how we've been performing recently. We don't have time to pay attention to those things anymore. 

Lastly, can you share your resolution for your next match against Kingzone DragonX?

I'm confident that we can perform well against them. If we are able to defeat them, it'll give us the motivation to aim even higher this split. We'll properly prepare for it. 

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