GRF Sword on Khan's Previous Comment: "I’ll keep my neck clean so I hope anyone comes to chop it off, if they can."

On the 26th of June (KST), in the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 13, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) met Griffin (GRF). GRF shut out the defending champions, KZ, 2-0. In both matches, GRF showed unbelievable teamfights. GRF stayed at 1st place, still being undefeated. As of this match, GRF is on a 22-game winning streak including their record from Challengers Korea.

After the match, Chovy, Sword and their head coach, cvMax were interviewed by SPOTV.


Q. Congrats on the win. Didn’t you feel pressured to play against KZ?

Chovy: There was pressure. I thought we might lose because of me. They’re a team that can take advantage of one small mistake, so I was anxious.

Q. You said in an interview before that you wanted to play Irelia. How was it?

Chovy: I think it was alright today. In my opinion, Irelia is really good against Zoe. I played without worrying because Zoe can’t solo kill Irelia.

Q. (To Sword) You said that you want to play against KZ as soon as possible.

Sword: I wanted to test myself how well I could do since Khan is one of the best top laners. I think today’s match went well.

Q. It seems like Sword would be evaluated better. How would you rate yourself on today’s performance?

Sword: I think maybe 6 points. I missed a lot of skillshots. Khan is really strong in lane, but since LoL isn’t a 1v1 game, I did well with my jungler.

Q. The team’s escapes were unbelievable today. How were the calls on the escape near blue?

Chovy: I think we all improvised well. Lehends came in saying that he’ll try to draw their attention. He did, and escaped himself as well.

Q. It seems like Chovy is getting better and better.

Chovy: I think I’m on a good roll. It might be rookie’s luck and the youngest player’s luck all combined.

Q. In the last teamfight, no one died leaving a small portion of HP left. How was that?

Sword: I used my E W, everything with Darius and survived luckily. We tried to cut off Nidalee and get out, but the fight went on longer. Still, the teammates reacted really well. We’re Griffin of Teamfights. The offence-defence switched really quickly and everybody made quick decisions.

Q. They say that you trust each other a lot.

Sword: We play well even if we don’t say much, and we trust each other in that. Our head coach thinks that it’s the best when we know what each other thinks even if we don’t say anything. He wants us to speak in telepathy. (Laughs)

Q. This may be the biggest win for you. Did you think that you’ll win today?

cvMax: I always have high expectations, so I thought that we’ll win.

Q. How is the team now?

cvMax: We’re always hungry. The macro is only the tip of the iceberg. We sometimes hid our prowess in laning and then showed strong performance. I think we’re good and skilled at everything in the game. We’ll do our best to show all the colors our team has.

Q. The picks & bans are always different. How is it?

cvMax: I can’t tell you everything, but our picks & bans are a bit different. We discuss picks and try to head towards what’s prepared. We also do a lot of mock picks & bans too. It is done as a team.

Q. Viper had picked Rakan for the ADC position during solo queue. What are you preparing?

cvMax: We’re very planned and improvising. The game LoL has many situations that can be expressed with both adjectives. We’ll do our best to deliver fun matches. I think being fun is the most important.

Q. Your next match is against KT, and you’ll probably play against Ucal.

Chovy: I’m confident that I won’t lose against Ucal. We’re the same age, so I am quite conscious of him. I think if I’m able to take half-and-half against him, I’ll be able to do more than he can.

Q. You defeated Khan, and your next opponent is Smeb. Are you looking forward to it?

Sword: Of course I am. I heard Khan telling me to ‘wash my neck and wait’, so I washed my neck and waited, but I got him three times today. I’ll keep my neck clean so I hope anyone comes to chop it off, if they can. I haven’t found my limit yet, so I want to meet someone who can show me my limit.

Q. Lastly, a comment to the fans?

cvMax: Griffin is a team that’s very creative and always developing. I hope you enjoy watching us.

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